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230Keidan Rabbinate Records

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  • ozabludoff
    May 1, 2007
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      During the years 1922-1939, Lithuanian-Jewish vital records were
      recorded by Rabbinate rather than by shtetl. In addition to the major
      town of Kedainiai (Keidan), the Kedainiai Rabbinate encompassed the
      shtetlach of Ariogala, Baisogala, Dotnuva, Josvainiai, Pacuneliai,
      Surviliskis, Seta, Zeimiai and probably a few villages.

      The Kedainiai Vital Records Project, in cooperation with the Jewish
      Family History Foundation, is translating the Kedainiai Rabbinate
      Vital Records. The translations of the birth records, totaling about
      1,400, are expected in late May.

      We have all discovered the mobility of our ancestors. They may have
      claimed to have lived in Keidan when in fact they had lived in a
      neighboring shtetl. This tendency was often reflected in
      naturalization applications and other documents completed by our
      ancestors upon their immigration to the United States, UK, South
      Africa and elsewhere.

      The 20th century Rabbinate records also reveal those members or
      branches of our families who were left behind, many of them to perish
      in the Shoah. Too often we believe falsely that our families had
      emigrated long before the Shoah, and all were spared. Try to tell
      that to a survivor!

      If your ancestors had lived in the Kedainiai Rabbinate towns named
      above, this is an opportunity to possibly find their vital records
      with one qualifying contribution of $100. If you are not yet a member
      of the Keidan Vital Records group and would like to qualify for the
      thousands of Keidan vital records which have already been
      distributed, as well as those yet to come, a contribution of $150
      will entitle you to both a membership in the group as well as the
      Keidan Rabbinate records.

      Please support this effort by clicking on the link below and
      selecting the Vital Records Translation option. Enter "Kedainiai" in
      the shtetl box and "Rabbinate Records" in the box to the right
      ("Enter Notes").


      If you prefer to download the donor form and mail in your
      contribution, instructions are provided on the donor page.

      Olga Zabludoff, coordinator
      LitvakSIG Kedainiai VRT Project
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