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201Re: Gordon family in Keidan may have come from Cekiske

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  • David
    Dec 1, 2006
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      --- In JewishKeidan@yahoogroups.com, "julian" <julianlebowitz@...> wrote:
      > Hi
      > I think my gordon family might have lived in Cekiske in late
      > 1700's/early 1800's, has anyone done any research on that town. I also
      > think my lebowitz family could have come from there as well, anyone
      > got any info?
      > Thanks
      > Julian
      Julian, the Jewish Family History Foundation's Grand Duchy of
      Lithuania Project has 18th (and 17th century records) for almost every
      Jewish kahal (community) in Lithuania and Belarus. See our
      alphabetical list of towns. We not only have a 1784 and 1765
      poll-tax/census list for Cekiske, but also for Keidan.

      Since Jews did not have surnames in the 18th century, it is important
      to identify you ancestors on early 19th century revision lists where
      they do have surnames, and hopefully some of them will have been old
      enough to have been alive and on the 1784 census lists.

      Again fortunately, on our webpage you will find an 1816 revision list
      for Cekiske.

      Access to the 18th century records for Cekiske (see Status of Projects
      on our homepage) has been translated, but will be limited to donors
      for nearly a year. If you find your family on the 1816 revision list,
      and are interested in making a contribution to the Cekiske project,
      you can receive an excel spreadsheet of the data now.

      David Hoffman, Ph.D.
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