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159RE: [JewishKeidan] My visit to Lithuania

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  • A. Cassel
    Sep 7, 2006
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      Sally, Jose,
      I'd be happy to set up a link from the Keidan website to the photos; there's no need to put them on the same site, they can be a click away. Sally, I'm fascinated by the pictures you found of old Keidan. Where were they, and do those people know what they have? I'll be fascinated to read more about your trip -- don't spare the details.
      I realized as I was editing the recent messages that it's actually 10 years since the Keidan website went up. I'm chagrined to admit that my web-design skills haven't kept up with the changing technology, and I've been reluctant to revise or update the site (it is indeed a lot of work, particularly for a rank amateur.) But there are lots of new possibilities for material -- such as video, which can be embedded via YouTube or Google. Hopefully I'll have the time to add some of this in the coming months, but I'm always thought of this as a collaborative effort -- if anyone else wants to put a page together (about a particular family, or a visit to Keidan) I'll be happy
      to upload that material or link to it -- whatever will work to expand the Keidan online library.
      (By the way, Sally -- that was indeed my great-grandmother's gravestone pictured in one of your photos. We have photos of it from our visit in '95; I'm glad to see it's still intact.)
      All best,

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