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151RE: [JewishKeidan] My upcoming visit to Lithuania

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  • Sally Mizroch
    Aug 14 11:15 AM
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      Hello from Kaunas ,

      I arrived in Vilnius on 6 August and will leave on Wednesday, 16 August.  The trip has been amazing so far, and I will write up notes and share with you’all as soon as I get myself organized.  I’ve visited all the places that my Mizroch ancestors lived dating back to 1848 (courtesy of the ALD records), and I’ve learned so much (and have so much more to learn).


      This evening, just now, I’m just now back at my hotel room after meeting with Keidaner Judelis Ronderis, thanks to Regina Kopilovich.  It was a wonderful meeting, even though we don’t have a common language.  He remembered my family, my great uncle Dr. Peisach Melcas, and he was able to recreate the old Keidan neighborhood that our families lived in as we were talking.  It was amazing. 


      I visited Keidan a few days ago, on August 10th, the 97th anniversary of my father’s birth there.  The archives in the multi-cultural center were a gold mine.  I photographed a lot of their archival photos, so while I was with Judelis, I turned on my computer and showed him some of the photos that I had photographed from the archives.  Judelis recognized some of the faces, again recreating the community as he and I sat and talked.


      Hey Andy, he showed me a photo of you both taken in 1995.  Too cool.


      Well, I have to find a little café so I can eat a little.  More later,



      PS FYI, many of the big cities in Lithuania have free wireless internet throughout most of the downtown areas.  I’m in a little hotel in the old town, wirelessly “talking” with you all.  Very modern.


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      Congratulations on your visit to Lithuania . You'll certainly find it a fascinating and rewarding trip. Others may have more recent contacts to offer, but I would suggest you might want to get in touch with Regina Kopilevich, a Vilnius-based guide and researcher who has been helping Jews reconnect with their roots for a dozen years or so. Regina 's email is miregina@... . You also might want to look up Yudel Ronder, one of the last remaining Keidaner Jews still living in the area. I believe he's still living in Kaunas , and Regina can put you in touch with him. Please consider writing up notes on your trip when you get back, and sharing them with all of us in the email group.


      Safe traveling.


      Andy Cassel





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      Subject: [JewishKeidan] My upcoming visit to Lithuania

      Hi all,

      My grandmother, Sarah Meltz Mizroch, was from Keidan and my father’s father, Moses Hirsh Mizroch, moved there after they married sometime between 1904 and 1908.  Moses was an innkeeper, and I think his inn was called the Europa.  My father and his siblings were born in Keidan from 1908 through 1913.  Moses’s father, Zalman Yitzhak Mizroch, lived in Ponemunok.  Zalman and his wife Feiga Riva moved to Panevezys eventually and lived near their daughter Cilya (wife of Lev Bernstein).  I’ve been able to trace back to Zalman’s father (Shlomo Berko) and Shlomo’s father (Lozar) in the All Lithuanian database and I know the names of the shtetls they lived in.

      My Mizroch cousin Carol and I will be flying in to Vilnius in a few weeks and we plan to visit the towns and shtetls that our ancestors lived in.  If you all have any suggestions about logistics, please e-mail me.

      Best regards,

      Sally Mizroch


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