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134RE: [JewishKeidan] Keidaners! Now you can ask all...

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  • Maurice Marks - Esanmo
    Feb 9, 2006
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      The question I asked was,Do you have any record of the names-Hochman,Eker,Julius Marks,all of whom we believe originated in Kovno Gebornia. Your response would be greatly appreciated.Maurice Marks.


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      Hi, Emily,


      I replied to you on the group list. Didn't really see the message here. Hope you have read my response.





      emily karmen <ek2072000@...> wrote:

      Hi Olga,


      I'm looking for the Zang or Kotzen families...any information? thanks so much!


      Emily Karmen

      ozabludoff <ozabludoff@...> wrote:

      When the Keidan Vital Records Indexing Project went into action less
      than a year ago, I received an avalanche of inquiries I was unable
      to answer. Everyone wanted to know whether I had records for their
      grandparents, great-grandparents and g-g-gs. No one seemed to
      realize that I didn't know what I had. There was no index and
      translations  had not yet begun.

      But the questions continued. After 25 years of Keidan birth records
      had been translated, I compiled a rudimentary surname index based on
      those translated records. Now I was able to give the basics: how
      many birth records I had for a given surname. But the questions
      continued, searching for more specific information that I could not

      Keidaners, now you can ask again if I have your great-great-
      grandfather's birth record, and I will find the answer in about
      three seconds. Jose Gutstein has applied his imaginative hi-tech
      skills in designing the perfect instrument for us. Forty-one years
      of translated birth records have just been distributed to qualified
      donors in a new format which has been greeted with "WOWs"  from
      recipients. By April all the birth records will be completed--some
      4,500--and translation of the marriage records will commence.

      To find out more about our dynamic Vital Records Indexing  Project,
      please visit the LitvakSIG VRI Project website:


      and contact me with your questions.

      Olga Zabludoff
      Keidan VRI Coordinator


      Relax. Yahoo! Mail virus scanning helps detect nasty viruses!


      Relax. Yahoo! Mail virus scanning helps detect nasty viruses!

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