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  • awcassel
    Oct 22, 2004
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      Welcome to all my fellow Keidaners. Thanks for making the effort to
      get on the relocated email list. I'm sorry for the inconvenience,
      but I think we should be able to carry on here.

      In fact there are some advantages to the current hosting
      arrangement; for instance, it's possible to post photographs as well
      as messages. If you click over on "Photos" to the left of the page,
      you'll see a couple I just recently received. Ellen Cassedy of
      Takoma Park, Md. spent part of last summer studying Yiddish in
      Vilnius, and while in Lithuania she made a visit to Keidan, where
      she snapped these pictures of the old synagogue complex. As you can
      see, the Lithuanians have done some work on the buildings, which
      they now use as an exhibition hall and an art school. According to
      Ellen, they have historical material on display there, but, sadly,
      have done very little to highlight or explain the town's past as a
      predominantly Jewish community.

      To quote from Ellen's note:
      "The "winter synagogue" has been renovated, inside and out. Outside
      is a line of wooden statures in honor of potters, woodworkers, and
      something about books -- Mikolas Dauksa? Danksa? Very Christian-
      looking. Inside, a grand piano near where the ark would have been.
      On the ark wall, a digitized picture, a melange of Jewish things.
      On the walls, a photo exhibit, "Before and After" pix taken from the
      exact same spot, many years apart. NO sign of Jews, no Yiddish.
      One old photo taken by M. Ioffe."

      Ellen also forwarded the name and contact info for someone connected
      to the current Kedainiai museum administration. I hope to contact
      that person and hopefully will learn more about what's going on over
      there, which I'll dutifully pass on.

      Meanwhile, if anyone would like to open a discussion about any
      aspect of Keidan, past or present, please feel free. The floor is

      All the best,

      Andy Cassel
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