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Re: [Jesus-is-our-victory] Are You Battling a Porn Addiction?

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  • Thom Hunter
    John,   I disagree with a number of your statements, but see no value in arguing against them.  I don t picture you as one who is much open to what others
    Message 1 of 9 , Feb 28, 2010
      I disagree with a number of your statements, but see no value in arguing against them.  I don't picture you as one who is much open to what others might disagree with you on.
      Sould you ever have any problems in your life that you are not able to handle completely on your own, I do hope someone is compassionate and looks beyond your claims of superiority.

      All of us need Internet accountability software on our computers and other devices to battle the onslaught of pornography.  If you click on this link, you can receive 30 days of Covenant Eyes for free.  It’s the software I use. 


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      Subject: Re: [Jesus-is-our-victory] Are You Battling a Porn Addiction?
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      God has helped us...to stand on our own two feet, acknowledge our own
      challenges and deal with them like strong adults...not look to other
      fallible humans to coddle us and convince us we are victims of the world or

      There is a vast difference between acknowledging ones weaknesses and wearing
      them on one's sleeve...all these 'self-help' clowns are in it for one
      reason, to enable those that wear the pain they bear on their sleeve...they
      don't cure themselves or others, they revel in their own misery and create a
      whole society of misfits feeding off each other's pain and suffering... often
      pain and suffering which wouldn't exist except that some quack has convinced
      them that their actions are damaging and they need 'help'.

      OK, so some pre-occupation with porn might be straining families and
      marriages... but that is not the problem...likely there's already something
      wrong in the family/marriage that causes one to seek an outlet elsewhere,
      whether it's porn, drugs, alcohol or what-have-you. Taking away the porn
      solves nothing...I' m sure such people say they deal with those extended
      issues, but I don't believe 'cure' is their goal...if they did that, they
      wouldn't stay in business. They have to maintain the ruse that the patients
      will never be cured and it is going to be an endless struggle, one for which
      they must always have the 'professional advice' of an 'expert' and those
      'experts' profit at the expense of those who think they need their products
      or services.

      Weaknesses are what makes us unique...and when I see aspects in myself that
      I feel uncomfortable with, I deal with them on my own or with the help of my
      non-professional peers...and thus learn from the effort.

      John S.

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