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I found the answer guys

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  • Mike Mallinson
    I was a Sr. in HS. I d attended my church since I was a kid; -- Baptized there too. I read my Bible & was a youth role model . I was also a football player
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 5, 2009
      I was a Sr. in HS. I'd attended my "church" since I was a kid; -- Baptized there too. I read my Bible & was a "youth role model". I was also a football player (varsity). Nobody knew I liked guys because I also liked girls some & I dated.
      1st trimester, "Ben" moved into the area & into my school.
      Wow! Blond, Buff, & Beautiful (outside, yeah, but on the inside too). Then his family began to attend our church,& suddenly, I was distracted beyond my wildest imaginations 6+ days a week!
      We ended up becoming great friends & all the huge inner conflicts about Romans 1, & guys with guys, & Sodom, -& you get the idea of the scope of my problem...
      I was totally in love with Ben & a month into our friendship I began to suspect he felt the same way about me (lots of little things I noticed).
      I searched the Internet looking for something that made sense - for something that didn't make me give up my relationship with God to have one with a guy. Lots of stuff seemed too shallow & self-serving. I wasn't content to settle on half-baked theology in order to justify my feelings. Anything less than being totally convinced by an argument is self-delusion.
      Then I discovered the g0ys (spelled w. z ZER0) men's movement & their no-nonsense, down to reality theology. I was blown away!
      I set up a fake e-mail account with a false name/age & sent the g0ys.org link to Ben on a Friday. It was an e-mail that I typed to make it look like I was talking to somebody else & had just made a typo on the address. This would explain to Ben how it "happened" to arrive at his e-mail box addressed to "Brian" in the opening.
      That Monday in school, he seemed like his mind was preoccupied & after practice - while we were alone, he asked me if I'd ever heard of a bunch of guys called "g0ys". I pretended to roll the word around in my mind for a few & then answered something like, "Aren't they those guys who are into guys, but don't connect with the term 'gay"?"
      He nodded & then asked how I felt about 'em.
      I thought for a second & then shrugged & said something like: "Hey, as long as a dude isn't scoping my butt in order to make my a stand-in for sleazy-Sally, it's OK by me. Besides, I think I read in a magazine once where lots of guys in the military end up lovin on some of their buds -although they don't relate to it as a 'gay' thing, either. Sounds like a 'guy-thing' for guys who have the balls to admit that they understand what makes another guy - a great guy."
      I could tell that Ben's mouth was dry & he was a little nervous as he said, "I think I know how that is; -how those guys feel like that..."
      I smiled & said, "Yeah, me too. But don't be telling other guys about that unless they bring it up in a positive tone, - because too many people don't know the difference between lov'n a buddy from balls to bone, -vs. being as AssFucker; {-Excuse my French}).
      I could literally see the redness leave Ben's face as I nonchalantly gave my "g0ys approval speech".
      Later that week, on the bus ride back from an away game, he shared the seat with me & as we left the city & the street lights became scarce - we ended up gradually touching arms & later lightly gripping hands as we pretended to doze off under our coats (spread out over us).
      From that point out we spent alternating weekends at the other's house using school & sports as the cover for the need to get together. Our physical relationship intensified quickly. The g0ys site really put things in perspective in that regard. When a guy loves another dude like he loves himself, he'll do with another dude the thing he usually does by himself - if you get my point. A guy friend you share that level of intimacy with is called a "Paramour". Physical intimacy isn't the same as "fornication" unless some aspect of the intimacy consists of an act that is inherently disrespectful (such as analsex would be). I'm totally convinced (when you look carefully at the account & ask questions) -that David & Jonathan were. indeed, - Paramours. It's so obvious that you'd need to downplay the references to the physical closeness & strong emotional aspects of their friendship to miss what the text glaringly hints at. It's kinda like Song of Songs; It's only a "love poem" until you examine the symbolism through opened eyes (then it's Rated X). Once you mature - you realize that sexuality doesn't need to be sleazy. I think that Christians have completely failed at reclaiming erotica from the pornographers & that's waaay sad. G0YS have figured it out & reframed an entire way of seeing buddy-lov'n as an awesome, beautiful guy-thing, when properly framed by respect & discretion. It's quite UNgay -when you take a while to examine what the "gay-community" defines "gay-sex" as being (Yuck!).
      Ben & I got an apartment when school got over. Both our families have been told about our relationship (by us) & what "g0y" is all about. We don't attend the same church anymore because all it wanted us to do was to "repent over the fact that we totally love each other". They might have had a point if they had any substantive Scriptural argument -- but that stuff on the g0ys website blows their old, stale & out-of-context argument about "homo-sexshuals" away (with arguments that are far more serious towards anyone pointing fingers & yelling "sinner" at others without proper Scriptural evidence)! Love & sexuality are never topics to be taken lightly; -But that is exactly what people do when they try to diminish the relationships of others merely because they happen to be the same gender (which, by the way, is what Galatians 3:28 says about ALL Christians)! Yeah - those people who want to accuse us because Ben & I are (2) guys; -They need to read Galatians 3:28 very carefully & consider that God sees mixed-gender couples in the same light of HAVING A NULLIFIED GENDER. In Christ IT'S ALL HOMOSEX BECAUSE THERE IS NO GENDER TO DISTINGUISH MALE & FEMALE! Romans 2:1 anyone!?

      This is the goy site. Dudes go to it.
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