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Re: An Urgent End Times Message. Cultic error.

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  • John Spooner.
    Needless to say, this rubbish that conflagration posts is sinful cultic error. For starters, on their webpage she says In 2005, the Cherubic Order of Holy
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 22, 2007
      Needless to say, this rubbish that "conflagration" posts is sinful
      cultic error.
      For starters, on their webpage she says "In 2005, the Cherubic
      Order of Holy Angels delivered several visual symbolic messages that
      appeared on a regular sliding glass door. They pertained to many
      topics, including End Times, the Great Tribulation and Armageddon and
      carried the very important message to mankind that we were asked to
      relay to the masses. "
      Here we see one of the classic hallmarks of a false cult and
      prophet where she claims to have received specific extra revelation
      to "relay to the masses". This is fearfully sinful as the Scripture
      is complete and this is a sinful addition to the complete Word of God.
      The rubbish about the Holy Angels is absurd, who are these "angels"
      and where are they mentioned in the Scripture.?? Where are the
      sliding doors and how were the "symbols" placed there, more than
      likely it is graffitti done by the local schoolkids and yet idiots
      like Ms. Conflagration deify such nonsense.
      There is also sinful New Age ideology in her ridiculous diatribe,
      note the New Age keywords such as "positive energy". Ms.
      Conflagration conveniently and sinfully overlooks the fact that the
      New Age is based on Hindu and Eastern Religion, certainly not the
      True Word of God. It is impossible to mix the Word of God with an
      ideology that God calls unclean.
      I never heard of the Holman Christian Standard Bible. It isn't
      the "standard" translation of the Christian faith. You slipped up on
      that one, sisters.
      Here's just a very short statement of some of the Truth. We do not
      know the name of God. It shows in Scripture as the Hebrew letters yud-
      hay-vav-hay. As in all of Hebrew, there are no vowels given. Since,
      out of respect, no Jew would even think of speaking the name, we DO
      NOT KNOW how to say it. You blaspheme if you pretend you do know how
      to say it. They use the word, Adonai, which is Hebrew for "Lord."
      They also refer to HaShem, which is transliterated Hebrew for, The
      Name. The name of the Messiah, in Hebrew, is yud-shin-vav-ayin. That
      name has been in use over the years, so we know in English it
      transliterates to Y'shua. Since the apostrophe doesn't go well in
      English, we say Yeshua. That is, in fact, "Jesus's" name. Nobody ever
      called him Jesus to His face.

      As to salvation, man is by nature a sinner. You never mentioned sin.
      The penalty for sin is death. The only way to avoid that is to accept
      that Yeshua's blood sacrifice was given as the atonement for the sins
      of every man who will accept it. There is no atonement without the
      shedding of blood. As to the Patriarchs, go and read how Abraham was
      saved. Think about it a bit. Read Gen. 1:1 and see Who was there for
      the creation. John 1:1 might help also. Maybe you can possibly figure
      it out, but you will have to be a lot smarter than you appear to me
      right now.

      I don't know what heretical religion you are trying to sell, but for
      many of us it won't work. You have so many man-made errors in your
      dissertation, that it does not lead to salvation at all. It leads
      only to confusion. By the way, you seem to have no clue about Israel
      and its involvement here. Do you even know what Armageddon is?
      Finally and possibly the worst of her many sins is where she
      claims to know things which only God knows when she says "The Great
      Tribulation has begun". How do you know that, Ms. conflagration,
      please show us where in the Scripture the starting time of that event
      is shown.
      Be extremely careful, Ms. Conflagration as it is sinful to add to
      the Scriptures, mix the Body of Christ with a prostitute and preach
      another Gospel. Repent while you are able.

      Regards. John S.

      --- In Jesus-is-our-victory@yahoogroups.com, "c0nflagrat10n"
      <c0nflagrat10n@...> wrote:
      > The hourglass is nearly empty. The Great Tribulation has begun and
      > Armageddon looms in the very near future. There are a total of TWO
    • John Spooner.
      Another serious error that Jeremy Putt (conflagration) makes is the sinful misquotation of Proverbs 4:23. Note their words Proverbs 4:23 is clear on the need
      Message 2 of 3 , Jun 22, 2007
        Another serious error that Jeremy Putt (conflagration) makes is the
        sinful misquotation of Proverbs 4:23.
        Note their words "Proverbs 4:23 is clear on the need to safeguard
        your heart against the
        >> wickedness of negative energy being stored there:" It is
        totally misused as that Scripture simply does not
        say what they claim. What they say is basically New Age
        doctrine, certainly not the Word of God.
        Will Mr. Putt start talking next about harmonic balancing or even
        Karma in his stock reproductions from his cult`s database as he
        cannot speak or write for himself but simply reproduces pre-written
        cultic rubbish from their accursed false gospel and database.
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