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  • Dale Malhenzie
    Hi Will, Thanks for praying. I dont feel sorry for myself very long. I have come a ways since I used to think about suicide. but at the same time temptations
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      Hi Will, Thanks for praying. I dont feel sorry for myself very long. I have come a ways since I used to think about suicide. but at the same time temptations have come at church real strong since this guy started coming about 6 months ago. His wife comes by herself and got saved but they are separated 2 of their boys come regulary. this guy gets to me cause he likes to put his arm around me more that other guys and he will look me in the eye more than others. but one time I looked back longer than I did before and he acted strange. There was something said that he is dating another woman. I am tired so my thoughts aren't too good. My wife went with me to look at a new minivan since the one we own now has an AC problem that will cost over a thousand dollars.this was last evening. neither of us like car shopping and get tired faster than we used to in our younger days. vitamins sometimes seem to help me but then other times I think they aren't doing anything for me. Gotta do some work.  Take care, Dale
      signshow2000 <signshow2000@...> wrote:

      It is okay to feel sorry for yourself once in awhile but again do not
      feel sorry for yourself for too long, it aint healthy.  I'm seeing a
      message, dont do anything too long except move towards God.  I guess
      I am speaking for myself more than you.  I understand the reasons for
      the self-pitty HIV and such is very serious but you seem to be able
      to see the "bright" (right) side of the picture, God's great mercy. 
      Every minute, hour, day that you do not fall is a victory.  YOU ARE
      NOT ALONE, I struggle just like you do and probably as often as you
      do!  God bless you, by the way I held you up in prayer this morning. 
      YOur fellow sufferer!

      --- In Jesus-is-our-victory@yahoogroups.com, Dale Malhenzie
      <ssgdbm@y...> wrote:
      > HI, Will
      > Thanks for writing. I sometimes feel sorry for myself and then I
      hear from another person their problems and then I feel bad that I
      felt sorry for myself. It WAS my own doing that I got HIV from a guy
      in Colorado before I got out of the army. But God was gracious enough
      that I didn't get it way back when there were no meds. and I can go
      to the va across the street from the hospital I work at and scripts
      are only 7.00 dollars each. My wife didn't leave me even though I
      couldn't blame her if she had. my  health is quite good compared to
      some. and I have 3 great kids all going to my church and 2 grandsons
      which help brighten my wife's and my life. I should not have
      complained. I have a great church and I play for all services. I am
      going to start looking for a new minivan- the one I have has a
      thousand dollar repair tag if I get it fixed. My wife needs this kind
      of vehicle to transport daycare kids and I dont like the idea of her
      having trouble on the road. gotta go. Thanks for loving.
      >  back at you, Dale
      > signshow2000 <signshow2000@y...> wrote:
      > Dale,
      > The thing I hear is that guilt is driving you away from God, you
      > to be neglecting your Bible and prayer time.  Can I encourage you
      > be remorseful (sorry, not guilty) because when you are full of
      > you have to go to the person (God) to apologize...move towards God
      > away.  The enmeny of our soul would have us move away from God the
      > ONLY ONE who can restore and forgive us.  Remember his hand of
      > is always extended toward us.  A friend of mine (Ezra) says, "Don't
      > too hard on yourself for too long."  That is sound advice, forgive
      > move on.  You have a sin nature and therefore it is what you do, we
      > are sinners therefore we sin.  Fish are fish and they swim...you
      > doing what you do cuz it is who you are.  Yes we are BEING renewed
      > by day but that is a work in progress and likely will finish on the
      > other side (at least for me).
      > You are loved,
      > Will
      > --- In Jesus-is-our-victory@yahoogroups.com, Dale Malhenzie
      > <ssgdbm@y...> wrote:
      > > My name is dale and I am new to this group. I am married, 50, and
      > have even taken the setting captives free course but  still cant
      > the internet porn alone and have masturbated. Its such a vicious
      > cycle. makes me want to be raptured just to be free. Hard to read
      > bible or pray.
      > > Dale
      > >
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