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  • signshow2000
    Thank you for your reply...i have never had anyone write me such a long e-mail, not even my family. I am throughly wowed! Thank you so much for taking the
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 12 7:03 PM
      Thank you for your reply...i have never had anyone write me such a
      long e-mail, not even my family. I am throughly wowed! Thank you
      so much for taking the time to share... I hate the guilt cuz I know
      what I am doing is wrong and then i go ahed and do it anyway! I
      fall all the time alone, I have never been unfaithful to my wife
      physically but in the mind i lost count. U married? I dont want o
      be a guy with gay feelings anymore...i am so sick of me!

      --- In Jesus-is-our-victory@yahoogroups.com, ezyiftosev@a... wrote:
      > Welcome, Will, I know that this group has been a blessing and a
      support for
      > me in the few days since I have joined. I seems that some sins
      are gone
      > immediately while some others seem to haunt us...and their effects
      haunts us as
      > well. To ME (I speak only for myself) these habitual sins keep us
      dependant on
      > the Eternal (G-d), and also dependant on others who are godly,
      Who knows
      > that if OUR sin just vanished completely and over night, we may
      become arrogant
      > and independent of G-d. We would rest on our own laurels, the
      work of the
      > flesh and not on Him. Your testimony, as ugly as it may be (35
      guys? I have you
      > beat by a few hundred maybe thousands... THAT'S UGLY with a
      > capital U ), could be used by the Kingdom of Heaven to minister
      to another
      > brother. Your testimony could birth a mighty warrior.When the
      Good Shepherd went
      > out looking for the lost sheep, who took care of the remaining
      flock? The
      > other sheep. It is the sheep that is a loner,"doing its own
      thing" that the
      > predators prey on and eat. There is strength in unity and
      purpose. When
      > Nehemiah was rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, the workers had
      one mind and one
      > spirit AND they had their weapons with them.We have the blood of
      the lamb, the
      > full armor of G-d and we are in an army with other brothers. In
      the time of
      > the Roman Empire there was a formation called TORTUGA where the
      > crowded in together and had their shields ALL around them,
      including over their
      > heads and on all sides. We have the SHIELD of FAITH and the SWORD
      of the WORD
      > OF G-D. I still have temptations, I have recently sinned
      (alone). When a man
      > was crucified, he didn't die immediately. No, he'd be yelling,
      cussing and
      > blaspheming. Our old selves (our flesh) is on the cross and it
      doesn't like it
      > there. It is screaming and yelling too, but it's DYING. When
      Y'shua (Jesus)
      > and the two others were crucified, the Romans hastened the death
      > because of Shabbat, but in a province other than Israel, a man
      could last two or
      > three weeks on the cross. Birds eating him, insects swarming over
      him and
      > contrary to what you see in movies, they were naked. So in a same
      way, your flesh
      > is eating at you,temptations crawling over you and your flesh,
      the old man
      > is naked. It is exposed for what it is: a dying malefactor. Be
      strengthened ,
      > my brother and know that you are NOT ALONE. Eccl 4:9-12 "Two are
      better than
      > one because they have good return for their work. If one falls
      > friend can help him up...Though one may be overpowered, two can
      > themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken." He
      that is without sin
      > cast the first stone. Shalom.
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