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Re: [Jesus-is-our-victory] Let's Trade: My Sins for Yours?

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  • NewKnightRider
    Your encounter with Mr. Unforgiveness says a lot! Many times I wished that I had to deal with something a little more socially acceptable .  Once or twice,
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      Your encounter with "Mr. Unforgiveness" says a lot! Many times I wished that I had to deal with something a little more "socially acceptable".  Once or twice, I made the mistake of being honest, when other brothers in Christ, asked me if I was doing okay, and if I needed prayer. I learned very quickly not to do that! Some Christian men cannot handle it. If you deal with alcoholism, drugs, or kleptomania, for example, then you are tempted by an inanimate object. If you are challenged with sexual sin, your object is another person.
      I do not like being challenged with homosexuality. But I do praise God that I am not challenged by something more "socially acceptable". If I had been, I might not have come to know Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, and therefore would not have known how much He loves me.  I might have died and gone to Hell.

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      Subject: [Jesus-is-our-victory] Let's Trade: My Sins for Yours?
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      Good Guys,

      Have you ever considered just trading your sins for someone else's?  That's the subject of this week's blog post at http://thom- signsofastruggle .blogspot. com/

      Here's little snippet.  I hope you'll go to the blog and read the rest.  And please feel free to comment there or here.

      "Oh, hey there," I said to the next guy.  "I'm ready to rid myself of this sexual sin.  Can I interest you in a trade?  I noticed you have an extra heaping helping of hatred there.  Surely you wouldn't miss that."

      "I know about people like you," he said.  "And I know all I need to know."

      Hatred leads to quick answers.

      God Bless,

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