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96A different perspective!

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  • muscleleg
    Dec 8 5:23 PM
      Hi everyone! I'm new to this group and I read some of the posted
      messages. The men here have the same problems that have plagued
      millions of men since the beginning of time. Why is it that young
      people are destined to cross the same dirty waters that people have
      crossed before? It is because the leaders (religious and civic) are
      not intelligent people who truly care about solving the age old
      problems (or perceived problems) of man. We are educated as a whole,
      so that we conform to societal rules and regulations in order to
      control and manipulate us. We are only told the truth by truly
      learned and wise men and women who love their fellow human beings.
      Those who truly bring reason, understanding, love and truth to the
      table to benefit others and have no interest in controlling or
      manipulating impressionable minds.

      First of all there is nothing wrong with masturbation. It is as
      natural as a baby sucking their thumb. It is a natural, God given
      gift to all humanity. It is part of our sexuality and is a gift from
      God to us all. Some people, as in everything, will need it more than
      others but most of us will fall within the bell curve. Others will not
      need it at all and others will need it a lot. You are to determine
      that and no one else. But it is our responsibility to use it
      responsibly and appropriately. By withholding yourself from the
      pleasure you will only increase your drive to release and seek out a
      compatible partner to fulfill your sexual yearning. This is how God
      planned it and IT IS GOOD.

      Secondly, God created all of us in his own image and likeness. Can
      anyone tell me what God looks like? He looks like us all!! He is
      without beginning and without end. He has every conceivable emotion
      and desire intertwined in all humanity. Hetersexuality as well as
      Homosexuality exist in all humanity and to all degrees. God created
      us as the sexual beings we are. We are not to be confused by the
      human ideologies placed on us by so called Authority that wants us to
      conform to THEIR norm. Our lives are to be lived as God would have us
      live them.

      Neither Masturbation or Homosexuality offends God. But we are to be
      mindful of using our sexuality responsibly and using it in relations
      that can benefit another human being. We must always be mindful of
      loving God and loving our neighbor in everything we do. Being
      promiscuous is not in keeping with God's commandments. Having sexual
      intercouse with someone who is not and won't be our chosen partner is
      highly suspect. Searching for a life partner is in keeping with
      God's plans whether it be for someone of the same sex or not. It is a
      process and sometimes one fraught with mistakes, dispair, and all
      sorts of unpleasantries but notheless we are to go through it. May
      God be there to help us through our journey. Some journeys take
      longer than others. Fervent and constant prayer will bring down upon
      you the graces that are needed during your life's journeys so that you
      will not be overcome with emotional, mental or physical torture.

      Be all you can be READ!!! The more information you read the more
      informed decisions you can make. A wise man is one who reads and one
      who listens to the Paraclete found within him. Learn to heed the
      voice of the Paraclete for he tells no lies and is your pepetual friend.

      With Love in Jesus Christ