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952Re: [Jesus-is-our-victory] Re: Is it ok to have sex with men if you don't have anal?

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  • John Cliford
    Mar 7, 2010

      I believe that as soon as we say this is ok and this is not ok,,,,,,,we become a Pharisee.  They took the 10 Commandments and produced books of rules.  Jesus was not kind to the Pharisees or their rules.

      We live in a fallen word,,,, we are born with a penchant for sin.  We never out-grow this desire to sin.  We just have to except that we sin,,, it's comes with being human on this planet,,,, get over it,,, learn to live with that reality.  Now look to Jesus as our redemption.  With Jesus we walk a better life,,,,, but not a sinless life,,,,so do not start writing rules for others to live by,,,, it only sets you and them up for failure when sin enters and we  do not live up to that standard.

      This is one of the major reasons that so many gay teenagers/men kill them-selfs,,, they just can not live up to the rules others have written for them.  

      Just like not all are healed when we pray for them,,,,, not all men are changed form gay to straight when they/we pray for them.  

      So take your opportunity to lead a gay man to Jesus,,,,, so do not spend your one chance telling him the same thing he has been told every day of his life.


      From: Thom Hunter <th2950@...>
      To: Jesus-is-our-victory@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Sun, March 7, 2010 10:56:33 AM
      Subject: Re: [Jesus-is-our-victory] Re: Is it ok to have sex with men if you don't have anal?


      I too am not quite sure why the rest of the group has been silent on this, other than John, who has expressed no opinion.
      I do want to remind you that your original question in the subject line is:  "Is it ok to have sex with men if you don't do anal?"  That tells me that you are not convinced; otherwise you would not have been asking the group members that question.
      My answer remains as it was when we started this discussion:  no.
      I truly do hope that the g0y thing does not just lead you down a path that separates you further from God.
      God Bless,

      --- On Sun, 3/7/10, John Spooner. South Oz. <skunk16@bigpond. com> wrote:

      From: John Spooner. South Oz. <skunk16@bigpond. com>
      Subject: [Jesus-is-our- victory] Re: Is it ok to have sex with men if you don't have anal?
      To: Jesus-is-our- victory@yahoogro ups.com
      Date: Sunday, March 7, 2010, 4:51 AM

      Further reply from Patrick for Mr. Hunter.

      ------------ --------- -


      I can't dissuade you. I know that.

      {{{You don't have to worry about me...I'm not sexually active anyway...that' s not my purpose for being involved with g0ys.}}}

      We would only end up arguing back and forth, refuring points and refining interpretations. I hope for you that your involvement with g0ys will not lead you further away fromk what God intends for men.

      {{{What God intends for men is only for God to know...

      But, personally, despite being a Christian before I discovered g0ys, after, it has solidified my relationship with God, because I am comfortable knowing how I am is a product of his infinite wisdom, and that behavior which I have rejected was a factor completely separate from who I am and how he created me. If anything, I am closer to God than ever before. This is something that would be echoed by many of my peers.}}}

      I have been to the site, read the justifications, the historical references and the philosophies. I just don't agree.

      Others can certainly do their own research: http://www.g0ys. org/initialize. htm

      There is a great deal of information on the pages and in the links and it is clear that while bonding may certainly be a great motivation, sexual activity between the g0y men is common.

      {{{"...sexual activity between the g0y men is common..." ----- Have you any firsthand proof of this???}}}

      {{{Sexual activity between ~~men~~ (in general) is common. @40% of men identify as heterosexual; @10% identify as homosexual; [BOTH, by themselves, minorities]; @50% fall in between...despite what anyone says, this is how God made man. So this makes the ~potential~ g0y demographic approach the 60% range. We know the 40% aren't interested, and a portion of the homo 10% will always be stubbornly seduced by gAy. It's not a case where 10% are homosexual and 90% are heterosexual (and exclusively so). The numbers indicate that there is a whole sliding scale, a vast range of intrinsic differences in each human being - no different than our fingerprints or the colors of our eyes. Evidence of the wondrous range of God's creation. To infer that God didn't figure all this (diverse ORIENTATION) into his plan is pretty insulting to his infinite wisdom.

      But, responding to how you worded your comment, sexual activity between g0y men is UNcommon. 1) I refer you back to the primary focus of g0y philosophy - Friendship First. 2) The logistics dictate that g0y men do not become sexual all that often. G0y is not something that is known widespread at the present time. Those that do know about it likely become part of a community that is flung so widely geographically that connecting in real-time, even non-sexually, is a rarity. It's not like we have a clubhouse atmosphere, or that we have g0y rallies or parades, or frequent 'g0y bars' (they don't exist, they would be a hypocrisy), or go on g0y cruises, etc. G0y is not a 'thing'...it is part of a guy's innate being...it's how he treats his fellow man, it's how he defines his relationship with the world around him. If a man calls himself g0y, and then presents himself as otherwise, or behaves as a slut, then he's not g0y and the rest of us will shun that individual faster than the Amish ever have turned their back on anyone. I'm not naive, I know there are men that claim g0y that are really frauds looking for masculine gay men to have sex with...just like there are plenty of heterosexual Christian 'leaders' that betray themselves through their hypocritical gay behavior...but they don't fool us for long.}}}

      I remain convinced that g0y is just a way to help men better accept their homosexual orientation,

      {{{And is that a bad thing? If it helps a homosexual man understand the difference between orientation and behavior and it turns him away from the gAy lifestyle? Aside from that, did you completely miss the point I made that a LARGE percentage of the men that have discovered and joined the g0y movement are heterosexual, married and NOT interested in sex with men??? What possible reason could there be that they identify with statements that g0ys make if g0ys was a homosexual-centric movement?}}}

      and, in that sense, replaces dependency on God.

      {{{Many of our supporters are also Christian in their beliefs, both before and AFTER their discovery of g0ys.}}}

      {{{If I could trust you to ask questions of actual g0y members without going on a crusade to change their lives, I'd invite you to join a few g0y groups and ask guys to clarify misconceptions you have, or at least come to understand that actual g0ys do not see g0ys as you see g0ys and do not exhibit the behavior you assume. But I feel that would have disastrous results...as in you might get booted out before anything productive would be exchanged, simply because you would continue to attempt to link us with gAy sexual behavior. That's something no one of my peers would have put up with as long as I did here. I will say, you have at least been far more respectful that any of the pathetic queens in any of the gAy venues I have visited.

      I'm surprised that your fellow members have nothing to say...or are you an army of one? Out of respect for them and you, I haven't persuaded any of my peers to come barging in here behind me...}}}

      {{{God Bless you as well.


      God Bless,

      http://thom- signsofastruggle .blogspot. com/

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