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941Re: [Jesus-is-our-victory] Re: Is it ok to have sex with men if you don't have anal?

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  • Thom Hunter
    Mar 3, 2010
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      John and Patrick,
      I actually go by Thom, not Mr. Hunter.  I'm not sure why you used that, unless it is an effort to intimidate, which should not be necessary.  We simply disagree on some points.
      Regarding David and Jonathan, I believe that David had a love for Jonathan that exceeds sexuality and stands as an example of how two heterosexual men can love each other.  Prior to Kinsey's research on sexuality, no serious theologian or psychologist had even considered the possibility it was homosexual.  The interpretation Patrick embraces is culture-driven.  I suggest he go to this link and he will find a great deal of information that aligns with my personal beliefs:  http://www.pleaseconvinceme.com/index/Were_David_and_Jonathan_Homosexual_Lovers
      Regarding King James?  He may well have been gay.  There is certainly plenty of evidence he had extramarital affairs and his attitude was clearly "This is who I am.  Get over it."  However, God can use whomever He wishes to do whatever He pleases.  The Bible is filled with stories of men with siginificant issues who were nonetheless used by God to accomplish His purposes.  There are many Christians today who struggle with homosexuality.  The fact that this problem exists in their lives does not make them unusable by God.  One of the biggest issues I myself have faced is that when people found out I had struggled with homosexuality, they wanted to discount the good things I had done as a Christian.  We all sin.  King James had a desire to see the Gospel shared with all people.  It does not take a perfect man to do the will of God.
      I thought I made it clear what I believe about behavior versus orientation.  Many people may never know what caused their orientation towards their own gender.  It does, at this point, seem to be beyond our understanding.  However, behavior is another matter.  We clearly have a choice there.  My reading of the Bible makes it clear to me that homosexual behavior -- not the orientation -- is the sin.  And the Bible makes it clear that God is able to help us resist temptation.  G0ys believe that having oral sex with another man is acceptable to God and is merely an extension of love for someone of the same sex.  I do not believe that.  Show me why you do?
      I do believe the g0y movement is simply a way to offer an excuse . . . a man-made grace.  
      I think, Patrick, that you are being mislead. 

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      Subject: [Jesus-is-our-victory] Re: Is it ok to have sex with men if you don't have anal?
      To: Jesus-is-our-victory@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Wednesday, March 3, 2010, 10:38 AM

      Dear Mr. Hunter.
      Could we dispense with the rhetoric and would you have the courtesy to answer the questions and address the points raised by Patrick please as requested by him.
      Regards and thanks in anticipation.
      John S.

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      "I would certainly like to know why he can attack me and the g0y movement, but he could not refute or even comment on one point I made...nothing about David & Jonathan, nothing about behavior vs. orientation, not even a peep about King James being homosexual.. .nor did he address any other points I made. He simply could only state he thinks I am dangerous. OK fine...but what about responding to the points I made, and try to refute them!

      I think at this point details and testimonials are secondary. I want to know why he can't or doesn't refute what I've written. Why is that, Mr. Hunter?

      Answer: Because what I wrote can't be refuted. And he'd rather dance around the issues with personal attacks, rather than provide responses to the facts of the discussion."

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