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940Re: Is it ok to have sex with men if you don't have anal?

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  • John Spooner. South Oz.
    Mar 3, 2010
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      Dear Mr. Hunter.
      Could we dispense with the rhetoric and would you have the courtesy to answer the questions and address the points raised by Patrick please as requested by him.
      Regards and thanks in anticipation.
      John S.


      "I would certainly like to know why he can attack me and the g0y movement, but he could not refute or even comment on one point I made...nothing about David & Jonathan, nothing about behavior vs. orientation, not even a peep about King James being homosexual...nor did he address any other points I made. He simply could only state he thinks I am dangerous. OK fine...but what about responding to the points I made, and try to refute them!

      I think at this point details and testimonials are secondary. I want to know why he can't or doesn't refute what I've written. Why is that, Mr. Hunter?

      Answer: Because what I wrote can't be refuted. And he'd rather dance around the issues with personal attacks, rather than provide responses to the facts of the discussion."
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