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938Re: [Jesus-is-our-victory] Is it ok to have sex with men if you don't have anal?

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  • John Spooner
    Mar 2, 2010
      Further to my last post, the moderator of the other group has
      also requested I post this further second message from him, again I am doing
      so on his behalf and without opinion or prejudice.
      John S.



      Your post was forwarded to me - for my information - by a fellow g0y and my
      co-mod of g0yaltgroup.

      You state you have joined a "christian goy group". Judging by your spelling
      of the term g0y as "goy", I have to inquire... which group you are referring
      to? It's likely NOT a bona-fide g0y group...unless the misspelling - goy -
      is indeed an error on your part.

      Maybe "Goys" think '...that it's ok to have oral sex, and mutual
      mastrabation (spelling?) with men as long as you don't have anal...' but
      that's describing the g0y movement and philosophy a bit simplistically. Yes,
      we do oppose anal sex and other such dangerous and degrading practices and
      fetishes, but that does not mean there is a blanket approval of 'other'
      behaviors. Those other 'acceptable' behaviors must still be engaged in
      within the proper context. Friendship First and developing a strong
      framework of brotherhood between two men (WITHOUT any expectation of any
      sexual contact) is the basic foundational core belief of G0YS. There are
      also many g0ys who identify primarily as heterosexual and are not interested
      in any physical (sexual) contact with men.

      "It5 makes sence because anal is the only part of gay sex that hurts, and is

      I'm glad to see that you understand that part of it...it is dangerous and
      degrading. By hurt...not only is it often painful...the evidence is in
      plenty of gAy porn media...rarely, if at all do you see the recipient of
      anal assault (and that's what it is) smiling...usually there is an
      expression of pain and 'trying to get used to it', but it also hurts in ways
      that has nothing to do with physical discomfort.

      G0ys - spelled with a zer0 - believe that "Love Works No ILL" and anal sex
      creates a multitude of ILLS, some in the immediate and intermediate sense -
      lack of self esteem; risk of physical damage; risks of disease; to much
      longer lasting effects. Generally I don't put a lot of faith in what laymen
      write on Wikipedia, but the following I have little quarrel with:

      a.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anal_sex
      b.. Anal sex is considered a high-risk sexual practice, and unprotected
      anal sex is the riskiest of all forms of sexual intercourse.
      c.. The hazards are due to the vulnerability of the tissues, as the
      penetration of the anus causes tearing and bleeding of the soft tissues, and
      can damage the sphincter muscles, causing incontinence and anal prolapse. It
      is also due to the high concentration of disease causing organisms in the
      anus and the introduction of pathogens during the sex act itself, exposing
      the participants to a spectrum of contagious diseases. Some authorities
      judge that all anal sex is unsafe, due to the high rates of condom failure,
      including those brands that claim to be specially strengthened.

      I'm glad they made clear the point that 'protected' anal sex is basically a
      sham, and a deception. Naturally, gAy apologists and anal sex/sodomy
      promoters will respond that 'other' forms of sexual behavior can be
      dangerous as well.

      True. And that is WHY g0ys form their relationships and bonds with their
      fellow men WITHIN a framework of allowing a situation to develop from the
      ground up...Friendship First, develop an atmosphere of Masculine Respect and
      Trust, Bonds of Brotherhood developing over the long term - generally months
      or years - without an expectation of sex...if it is meant to be, and things
      progress to that intimate threshold and proceeds beyond, well...that is just
      the dessert. The main course: Friends for life, brothers whose bonds are
      cemented firm...

      Often gAys proceed down the path backward...having a multitude of sexual
      liaisons, hoping for one of them to be'the one'. How cheap and tawdry. I'd
      take a dozen friends that have my back for me over the shallow hope that a
      anonymous sex encounter will result in a potential 'lover'.

      And as far as "goys" go, I don't know what they believe...I only know what
      G0YS believe. And the characterization that Mr. Thom Hunter presents is far
      off base and inaccurate. Mr. Hunter, I refuse to play tit-for-tat with
      you...you have taken the discussion of YOUR organization and tried to
      deflect by spreading inaccuracies about G0YS. It just shows how childish you
      are. Attacking another movement's philosophy does not defend the questions
      about your own organization. It just makes you appear childish.

      To Mr. NewKnightRider, who writes:

      "...as a former member of g0y groups, I say that it still leads you down the
      path that starts with lust..."

      You may certainly have been a "...former member of g0y groups...", but I
      submit you were NEVER g0y. If you say it "...still leads you down the path
      that starts with lust..." then that is in your own mind and heart and is
      your own character flaw. We have plenty of guys who drift through the g0y
      groups...certainly the proof of any man in in their own behavior and how
      they present themselves. If you believe that aman cannot be in control of
      his own lusts (and behavior) I think that speaks more to yourself than to
      the g0y movement and philosophy. Applying your own flaws to men you
      apparently have no inkling of what bonds them together is a cheap shot.


      Patrick Dennison

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