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  • yiftos18
    Dec 12, 2006
      If the article and all that trash were true, Jesus and his followers
      would have been stoned to death because that is what the Mosaic law
      stipulated to execute sodomites and Jesus and His first followers wer

      --- In Jesus-is-our-victory@yahoogroups.com, "atheistjustice"
      <atheistjustice@...> wrote:
      > My co-workers showed me an article that almost blew me away because
      > was so graphic. Now it's true that there is no God, but this article
      > in this christian place said the da vinci code is going further to
      > expose jesus for who he really is. It was talking also about the
      > spirit of truth and I will scratch the "truth" and replace it
      > with "lies," so it's really the spirit of lies, sin and perversion.
      > Let me go on - the article said judas, john and jesus are faggots
      > they will be exposed as kissing each other, having sex in the butt
      > sucking each other cocks. That spirit of lies, sin and perversion is
      > exposed as a faggot whore and it was fucking the faggots in the
      > asses. The devil was there also as a faggot and a transvestic
      > cocks and whoring the town faggots. It was there sodom and gomorrah.
      > I know this sounds way out there, but it's all true according to the
      > article. I just wanted to share these facts to the group exacting
      > it was wrtiiten in the article.
      > Atheist Justice
      > P.S. These were some of the pictures showing along with the
      > article...they were exposing themselves as Jesus' faggots and
      writing of
      > their faggot experience with devil jesus and it's lying perverse
      > (this was all in the christian article).
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