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5736 month goal

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  • Mick
    Nov 14, 2006
      Hi I just joined. I am using my alias ID because my Y360 friends would
      be weirded out by me being in an anti-masturbation group. I am openly
      exgay have been celibate for 4 years and was a virgin till I was almost
      28, so I have taken my faith and sexual challenge quite seriously.

      Masturbation is a sin in my opinion and I quit for just short of 6
      months when I was in my 20's. My goal is to be able to stop for 6
      months. I don't mean to make my spiritual walk into a goal-oriented
      task list, but I think guys find it easier to be goal oriented.

      I have looked around this site a little and if anyone wants to join me
      or help me in achieving this goal please let me know.
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