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480Re: [Jesus-is-our-victory] advice please

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  • Dale Malhenzie
    Apr 7, 2006
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      Hi Ezra, I have been extremely busy of late especially since I am trying to impress some people at work like my supervisors that I am worthy of keeping my job. They gave me a final warning they call it when I didn't have a supply for a pediatric patient. I dont see how they can fire me but time will tell.
         I dont really feel qualified to advise you. the safe road would to be to say you have some reasons for not couseling him. If there is any way of finding out his reason for seeking couseling before you go to lunch with him maybe that would help. I haven't been all that faithful writing you. I didn't realize you were in a congregation with so few believers. I wish I could help you more. I have two friends that are retired pastors,both men are approaching 80 years old who I can talk to about anything but I havent in a long time mentioned ssa. It would be difficult for me to explain to my wife why I even write you much less explain that I want to ask my friends what you ought to do. I can pray for you. There are times when I wish I could do something with just another guy like go bowling and not have any sinful thoughts. My hands are full taking care of my wife and daughter though and dont even have much time for such things. I would even be afraid if you and I met that my thoughts wouldn't be right much as I would like to meet you. Dont know if I said anything to help you and I have to get working again. I did over 13 hours yesterday here and had to be back at 6am. Praying for you, brother, Dale

      ezyiftosev@... wrote:
      Recently, a Jewish believer has asked me to have lunch with him. He says that I counseled him years ago but I don't remember it; it was probably about following  Y'shua (Jesus). I was a pastor and my 'sixth sense'/ gift of knowledge tells me that it is about SSA. He had come to our congregation years ago,left and has returned. My dilemma is that he is a buff, hottie,  younger hunk and a 'voice' is telling me that I shouldn't do it---counsel him. I, and others, have had the ignominy and opprobrium of being labeled with the gay stigmata, the badge of dishonor churches/congregations force ex-gays to wear. I don't him labeled like this as his walk is just being renewed ... I don't want to take the risk of showing up with a 'hetero'  and he sought me out. My congregation is very homophobic and likes the 'lashon      ha-ra'----gossip.   I woke up from a nightmare (not about the situation, though) and the 'voice' is telling me that I'll cruise him and not to counsel him. There are  very few Jewish believers in my congregation, fewer from Mediterranean-Spanish Jewish backgrounds (Sephardic), fewer with my years in the ministry and none with SSA. Any advice would be appreciated.

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