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42Re: [jacking_it] with a name like that.

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  • Mike Mallinson
    Oct 1, 2004
      Having all points of view is good. I,m glad you joined. We need everyone. My head is a little fucked up tonight as I'm smoking weed. I don't know is I can keep the good thing going but believe I can brother.

      Tom Straub <straubpa@...> wrote:
      Hi I recently joined this group. No offence but with a name like
      jacking_it for a group, a lot of people will come in the group for
      the "wrong" purpose. I have to admit I joined to see some pictures of
      men "struggling" with these "problems". I was quickly disappointed,
      by no hot pics. I think masturbation is natural. I'm also bisexual,
      for which I make no apologies. I am what I am whether it be wrong or
      not. I do believe some pornography is wrong, because it is
      fornication or adultery, but men by themselves doing what comes
      natural is not wrong to me. I don't know where in the Bible
      masturbation or homosexuality is condemned, and believe me I've heard
      and read all the clobber passages (the one's that supposedly condemn
      homosexuals), and believe they are misinterpreted. I struggled for
      years with thinking these things are wrong, but I've done my research
      and do not believe we should feel guilty or ashamed of things we have
      little control or need to. Sorry for the long post, you can boot me
      if you like, but I feel the pain of the members and their
      desperation, and feel it is unecessary, and could eventually lead to
      suicidal ideation or eventually suicide itself. Thank you for reading
      my point of view.

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