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  • ezyiftosev@aol.com
    Oct 13, 2005
      I had been approved for heart medications by the local AIDS Foundation. I went to get them and the copay was MUCH more than I can afford. I literally have BAGS of  unpaid bills. I have not been able to find steady part time employment and I am so behind in debt that what I earn is like a grain of sand compared to the beach. This gets me very depressed. I am worth more dead than alive. I have heard that the L-rd is never late but I see these bags of bills, disconnect notices and demands for payments. I am overwhelmed.
      Lest any one think that I am asking for a hand out, I am not. I am asking that the Almighty show His favor toward me. Only He can end this cycle of disconnections,robbing Peter to pay Paul and nasty letters  and phone calls from creditors. Only He can change the circumstances. I am just tired of waiting. The Katrina people got jobs, housing, medical attention  etc. and most are better off now and I'm getting worse and I get bupkes (nothing:Yiddish).