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  • Matt
    Aug 25, 2005
      Hey Toby! I'd first like to say "Go You!!" for excepting Christ into
      your heart and confirming Him as your Savior. But you know, with that
      confirmation of Jesus, Satan's just angry now:P So of course he's
      gonna throw all sorts of temptation at you! Horny guys everywere, free
      porn on TV, your family jerking off around you, etc. But its ok,
      because God wouldn't let you face that unless He knew you could handle
      it. And that has to be your encouragement to overcome- knowing that
      you're stronger that, and with God by your side, you can beat anything
      (excuse the pun:P). I'm 18 and I've been masturbating for years and
      I'm recently understanding that staying up late every night surfing
      for porn is not what God wants for me. Its just something else I have
      to fight, but I know that with God, I can do it. I'm also learning
      that its a personal struggle; sometimes God will cut the desire out of
      your heart immediately, and sometimes he wants you to grow and learn
      from yourself and it will take some time. Its like smokers and
      alcohalics- if its something you want to stop, you can't always stop
      cold turkey, but you may just simply have to separate yourself from
      things relating to it. You'll be ok, man, you did the right thing and
      asked for help and that takes balls to admit. If you need to talk,
      just hit me up, ok?? Cause I need all the help and counseling I can
      get, too:P Later guys


      --- In Jesus-is-our-victory@yahoogroups.com, "tobymartinez16"
      <tobymartinez16@y...> wrote:
      > Hi. I recently got saved and want to try to stop doing it, but i
      > can't seem to help it. I would like for someone to talk to me about
      > it. It is difficult when i have friends who do it in front of me
      > my brother does it at nite. i am also into soccer and guys mess
      > around all the time. I try to keep my mind off of it, but we have a
      > satellite dish and we get porn on it..plus it is all over the
      > internet
      > plus sometimes when i think about girls i know it is more than i can
      > seem to control. i pray the Lord will help me overcome this bad
      > Thanks, toby
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