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  • John R
    Aug 1, 2005
      Hi glad you joined up.  I am 42 and can relate to what you are going through.  Although I was never crucified before the congregation as you have been, I still go through the tought periods of horniness and all.  My big weakness is the computer and such.  Porn and jacking go hand in hand and the computer can be a hot ticket to it as many of you know already.  I am sorry for the immature way that your situation was handled at that partcular church.  That just goes to show that we need to mautre in the Lord spiritually.  Remember that Paul talked about Christians who were still babies and not on solid spiritual food.  He chastisied them for not growing already and that they should be teaching others as mature christians and not remaining the babies that they still were after all the the time passing.  So mt advice is to have mercy on them, forgive and move on to another church if need be.  Actually it might be better to just spend alot of private personal time with Jeusu and God and the holy spirit.  Often King David and also Jesus would go to be alone with the Lord to find strenght and solitude.  God is very much into quite time with him.  Thats where we experience the greatest fellowship with him and we get strong in our relationship with Him.  I am also gay and fall many times over but like I always tell the other fellas here, Just give it all to God.  Your situation can change because you will change by being with him.  The people who hurt you can only change if they want to.  You can pray for them to help heal your soul and set them free from all of the hurt they caused ou.  But the number one way and bset way for now is to just spend time with the Lord on your own and take a break from the church stuff until you're ready.  Often I find comfort from the scriptures and love reading how Jesus handled situaions on the gospels.  Try reading a bit of the psalms and als just allow yourself healing time.  If you need to share, you can always share with us, or if youd like visit Brothers in Christ at yahoo groups section.  There we also talk about this stuff and share too.  Actually I got inspired to create that group form this group here.  I guess it may be related because the topics are the same.
      Yes alos you are a guy and those nuts can be a real distraction.  We all have em and God understands that.  But He knows tyour heart and struggles but there is also tremendous mercy in Chist.  he can heal us day by day.  Just don't get frustrated with yourself.  Whenever you jack and cum, right at that point just turn to God in your heart and He forgives because of his grat love for you.  As Joyce Meyer says, You were no suprise to God when He called you into relationship with Him.  He know it all and loves you just the same. So be encouraged.  Christ is the lifter of our heads.  Rest in Him.  Give ti all to Him.  He has strong shoulders and never tires.  We are weak, he is strong.
      Keep sharing it helps bring healing to us all.

      yiftos18 <ezyiftosev@...> wrote:
      I am new to this group and I would like to HONESTLY talk to godly MEN
      about my problems. I think I am older than most of you (54) divorced,
      gay background. I once spoke to my pastor about a personal sexual
      problem and it was all over the congregation. I don't trust men in my
      congregation.I got (and still do to some extent)the 'unclean leper'
      treatment. To complicate matters, I am a former pastor myself.

      I live in S. Texas where it is HOT (climate). I often sit around in the
      apt in my underwear and the 'hanging' and friction of my balls want me
      want to j-off. (Forgive me if I am too graphic) I have a problem with
      it and like advice. There are myriads of groups ENCOURAGING j/o and SSA
      but I want to be holy unto the L-RD. I struggle not to do it(j/off).

      Any men over 40 (or at least middle aged) in the group? (I'm not
      cruising. Just want to know if I am in the right group)

      Any one in S. Texas?

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