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  • nathan savage
    Apr 13, 2005

      hello toby,  my hame is nathan and im 26yo first i would like to tell you that God is faithful and he is LOVE , ok  first ? are you i a church 2ND find you a accountable person maybe someone older next you must must must spen time in the word everyday this will be a long process but dont get down just keep at it plus you will have to distance yourself from this guys it will be hard at first Gal 5:16-20 . but keep at it try reading a chapter of prov. a day it will talk 31 days and continue to do it this is no quick fix , you will have days that you will fall but help is here if you confess and repent 1John 1:5-9 , you must cut down tv time mostly at night and when no one is at home i dont know if the disd plays al day but set some boundaries know it will help you build a strong foundation. this is no easy road and im praying everyday but victory is the LORDs and we must walk in it also by his power  just remember that the cleansing hurts but it is for your Good the word is all we have read it with all you god like this was the last time you would see it  you may have to be alone  for awhile but surround yourself around bro. in CHRIST real bro. not just someone who go to church there plenty of those rem God LOVe you what ever you do he does not love the sin remember the Ap. Paul said in 1cor. i think 6 chap. everthing in permissible but everything is not benifit to you so be watchful and saty in your Word bro. God bless you back everthing up that someone says to you with the word no matter have much you like them or how good it sounds talk to you later
      Jimmy Jones <oldbraceface2000@...> wrote:
      Amen brother.  Me too.

      tobymartinez16 <tobymartinez16@...> wrote:

      Hi.  I recently got saved and want to try to stop doing it, but i
      can't seem to help it.  I would like for someone to talk to me about
      it.  It is difficult when i have friends who do it in front of me and
      my brother does it at nite. i am also into soccer  and guys mess
      around all the time.  I try to keep my mind off of it, but we have a
      satellite dish and we get porn on it..plus it is all over the
      plus sometimes when i think about girls i know it is more than i can
      seem to control. i pray the Lord will help me overcome this bad thing.

      Thanks, toby

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