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1353The Summer of the Bully in the Barn

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  • Thom Hunter
    Jun 6, 2012

      Good Guys,

      Even after we survive our childhood, I think there are times when we just give in and see ourselves as others sometimes see us, as less than them, as somehow not put together quite right, as willingly astray, pleasurably-broken, struggle-embracing, skinny little creatures paralyzed on a ladder, ridiculed and diminished and deserving to be so.  

      We need to see ourselves as Jesus sees us.  Jesus see us as complete.  He doesn't toss us into stock ponds; He picks us up and wraps us in His arms and simply loves us.  He doesn't wrestle us into forced surrender; He invites us to surrender and soothes us with grace and peace.  He doesn't point and mock, reducing us to shame; He holds and hears and builds us back up with hope.
      (Please follow this link to read the entire story: The Summer of the Bully in the Barn. 
      God Bless,