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1341The Line Between Almost and Always

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  • Thom Hunter
    Apr 6 8:00 AM

      Happy Easter,

      I like Easter because – despite all the silliness of the bunnies and boiled eggs – it is to me the most real of all the holidays we celebrate. It is the line between almost and always. Of any moment in history, it is the one that matters most. I don't quarrel with the Word of God; I believe it's true. No matter my doubts about the things of this world, I know that Easter – Jesus Christ's victory over death – transcends those shadows with the light of truth.

      I know what it feels like to be unforgiven. I know what it feels like to be sort-of forgiven, like grace with small print. But because of Easter, I know what it feels like to be wholly forgiven forever.  Not . . . almost . . . but always. (I hope you will read my entire post about the significance of the resurrection at "The Line Between Almost and Always." 

      God Bless,