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1321Another Blind Eye to a Small Boy's Cry

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  • Thom Hunter
    Nov 9, 2011

      Good Guys,

      It's hard to ignore the Penn State tragedy. Though some refer to it as a scandal, that greatly diminishes what has occurred there, under the watchful eyes of men who are considered, buy their positions with the university, to be leaders among men. Obviously, they failed, in so many ways. Not that we all don't, of course. The consequences are momentous for the boys who were abused, not only by the coach, but by the system whereby men cover up for each other. As many of us know, sexual abuse often leads to sexual brokenness. These boys -- some now young men -- have a difficult road ahead of them.

      Once again, little ones have gone unprotected, with small boys victimized by both the twisted and broken and the blind and indifferent. I was sexually- abused decades ago, at the age of 8.  No victim ever forgets.  

      For the hope of the  Penn   State  small boys and other children being abused, often despite the awareness of others who look the other way, I'm sharing my story here.  It may be helpful to some of you or to people you know. This is the link to Another Blind Eye to a Small Boy's CrySigns of a Struggle. I welcome your feedback through comments here or on the blog.

      God Bless,

      Thom Hunter