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1314The Futility of an If-less Life

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  • Thom Hunter
    Oct 4 7:07 PM
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      Good Guys,

      We Christians are all, after all, only people, washed and clean but heading smack-dab back into the ever-alluring mud of life. We may forever hope to avoid that slippery slope, but it seems to be a fixed point on many a personal compass. Like moths brought to light or dogs to a fight, we flit about and find ourselves burned or bitten. Indeed, the ever-present inner flaw that leads us into repeated desperate situations is one of the best arguments against evolution. If we were evolving, surely we would do better by now.  

      What if there was no if?

      I hope  you'll read this week's post -- The Futility of an If-less Life -- on Signs of a Struggle .

      God Bless,