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1294Building Bridges on a Lonely Trail

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  • Thom Hunter
    Jun 2, 2011
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      Good Guys,

      The picture above is from the new trails I carved into the woods behind our house.

      I hope you'll find this week''s Signs of a Struggle post encouraging. Here's the opening paragraph. I hope you'll click on the link below to read the whole post.

      "It is finished."

      Can there be more satisfying words?  Said in quiet resolve as a father steps back from a swing set in the yard, an artist scoots back from a painting, a writer pushes away from a keyboard, a seamstress sews the final seam, a final test is taken, or a silent prayer is lifted. When we sense completion, we spread our arms like a blessing, then rest our hands on our hips to take the moment in before life moves on.

      Life moves on? 
      I thought we were finished.

      God Bless,