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1284The Blessed Affliction of a Conflicted Heart

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  • Thom Hunter
    Apr 7, 2011
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      Good Guys,

      When I look back on the many opportunities I've had to "do the good I want to do," and done it not, but instead, with a less-and-less-trembling hand chose the more harmful but seemingly more momentarily-satisfying evil, I am startled at the efficiency with which that evil, almost unimpeded, made its way through my life, hacking away the tender shoots of hope which dared to break the dry and packed down soil on which I trod in search of fleeting satisfaction.

      Should the church do more to counteract the influence of pro-gay advocacy on Christian strugglers?  I think so.

      I hope you will read this week's blog post, The Blessed Affliction of a Conflicted Heart.  As always, I welcome your input.

      God Bless