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1178Why Was My Voice So Small?

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  • ThomH
    Sep 1, 2010
      Good Guys,

      As you all know, I've been writing a book on line a chapter at a time on my blog.  This week, in "The Weight of Who I Am," I tell my personal story of having been a victim of childhood sexual abuse.  I know that some of you have also been victims.  I'm sharing to encourage and empathize, but also to increase awareness of a problem that continues to plague our world.  I hope you will take heart in the chapter, "Why Was My Voice So Small?"

      The entire chapter is, as always, on the blog, at http://thom-signsofastruggle.blogspot.com/ . I welcome your feedback.  Here's a paragraph from the story:

      I took to Mr. Hooten right off. He reminded me of all the good things about Daddy. Mr. Hooten decided I could join the troop – unofficially – even though I was only eight, several years too young. He promised Mother he would watch out for me; he promised my brother he would not let me be too big a pest. And he promised me he'd "protect" me from the older boys, just in case any of them might be bullies. I was parading in the personal attention. I was finally someone's favorite, and I was anxious to learn all the things Mr. Hooten could teach me.

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