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  • theothompson666
    Jun 25, 2010
      Mornin guys anuva day looms

      me chilax n garden 2 day n ldn uk n da weva is sunny ;-]

      jus prayin 4 victory today n gettin higher up dat mountain

      n prayin 4 da same 4 al u guys outa ther.da Lord 2 day say if u

      com 2 me as u r, honest open n real i will com to u n take u bi da hand

      u r a treasure 2 me n i chose u. i neva made a mistake n doin dat cos

      i no da end of the story.jus worship, jus b stil, jus b talkin 2 me n i

      wil giv u a smile on ur face n n yr heart that wil giv u peace dat wat

      eva happenz- gud bad or ugly I LOVE U.
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