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  • savitheja sree
    ... From: aboo yusuf Subject: ~ How to register in saudi council of engineers ... To:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2011

      --- On Wed, 6/1/11, aboo yusuf <abooyousuf@...> wrote:

      From: aboo yusuf <abooyousuf@...>
      Subject: <<<Indians in KSA>>> ~ How to register in saudi council of engineers ...
      To: indians_in_ksa@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Wednesday, June 1, 2011, 1:37 AM

      No need to panic at all
      It is a very simple process.
      I got my registration accepted  within few hours of registering online.
      Go to the following web site
      Fill up the basic information first and upload your photograph. Your id will be created.
      You can continue rest of the process logging in to your account at your convenience.
      Scan the  documents preferably to a .jpg file format as it is easy to manage the size of the file in this format. The uploadable size should not exceed 512 KB for each scanned document. If your scanner gives the image file of higher size then the best software to reduce its size is "IRFAN VIEW". This is a freeware and must be installed with all its plugins. Then open your image in this program and just save it with reduced size.
      The following are the scanned documents I had submitted
      1. IQAMA and PASSPORT copies
      2. ENGINEERING DEGREE CERTIFICATE with attestation from Saudi external affairs ministry.
      3.Copy of the marks card of the final year. No attestaion needed for this.
      4. Shahadah Taareef i.e. The cirtificate from the company stating the joining date and the job title as engineer. This Certificate must be attested by the Chamber of Commerce.
      5. After you upload all the certifcates the site will give you a link to download an authorisation letter. Just download it fill your name and date and sign it  and scan and upload again.
      Igore all other things and click next / Continue until you reach the page where you fill a brief description of your job. I just filled saying that I worked as such and such in INDIA for such and such period and now I am working as such and such here in Saudi Arabia. with a brief description of the job.
      Comletet the process of Registration.
      The system will generate a registration number which you have to note down. Once the application is accepted, they will send a message to the mobile as well as to your mail. Pay the fees through the channels mentioned and take the receipt personally to the Engineering Council Office to get the letter to Jawazath for renewal of Iqama.
      God forbid if your application is rejected then you can also contact them on the phone numbers mentioned in the site qouting your application number and they will give proper guidelines to correct the application.
      --- On Tue, 31/5/11, murad shaikh <murad_mech@...> wrote:

      From: murad shaikh <murad_mech@...>
      Subject: <<<Indians in KSA>>> ~ How to register in saudi council of engineers ...
      To: indians_in_ksa@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Tuesday, 31 May, 2011, 10:13 AM

      I think this one only for Residents of Saudi on employment or unemployment Visa but residing in KSA,....
      How can a person residing outside saudia but in other GCC register in saudi council of Engineers...
      Please share if you have any ideas..
      Murad Shaikh

      --- On Tue, 5/31/11, Zeeshan Ulhaq <zeeshan@...> wrote:

      From: Zeeshan Ulhaq <zeeshan@...>
      Subject: <<<Indians in KSA>>> ~ How to register in saudi council of engineers ...
      To: indians_in_ksa@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Tuesday, May 31, 2011, 3:23 AM

      Hello Yasin,

      The website is: http://www.saudieng.org
      to go directly to english page: http://www.saudieng.org/Pages/Default.aspx

      I guess no need to register from Indian eng. council.
      The process of registration is lengthy but you have to go through it. It
      is not very lengthy. To register, click on http://crm.saudieng.org/
      but before that, read all the terms and conditions and rules on:


      all details are given on these pages.... Hope this helps... Good Luck.


      > Hi Members,
      > There was one article in arabnews last saturday regarding engineers shd be
      > registered in saudi council of engineers.
      > Has anyone before registered in saudi council of engineers. I heard the
      > online registration is a lengthy process and should we be registered with
      > indian council of engineers before registering in saudi council?
      > Is there something called indian council of engineers and if yes then can
      > anyone pls send across its website and how to register there. i searched
      > in
      > google but cdnt find it :-( ...
      > Thanks,
      > Yasin.

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