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Re: FW: ASP apache

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  • Jon Stephens
    Apache works just fine on Windows; there s binary installers available and it s not terribly difficult to set up. Although I m currently using Win2K Server on
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 7, 2004
      Apache works just fine on Windows; there's binary installers available
      and it's not terribly difficult to set up. Although I'm currently using
      Win2K Server on my home server box (so that I can run ASP alongside PHP
      and Python for testing/development), I've used Apache before on WIn2K
      and WinXP with no problems.

      That's at home behind my router, though. For deployment, I always
      recommend and use Linux or one of the *BSDs unless the client insists on
      using MS-specific technologies. Right now we're looking at building a
      site for a client with PHP on a Linux/Apache webserver using ODBC to
      interact with an SQL Server database running on a Windows machine behind
      the firewall.

      Basically it boils down to this: If you use Microsoft stuff (ASP, SQL
      Server, etc.) then you're usually committed to running Windows. If you
      use Open Source (PHP, Python, JSP, Perl, MySQL, Postgres, Apache, etc.)
      then chances are pretty good it'll run on just about any common
      operating system.

      Sun also has a port of ASP, I don't know how well it works, and I doubt
      that it's free for commercial use. You can check it out here:


      It does appear to run on Windows, Linux, Solaris, and a couple of other
      *nix platforms.

      I would still go with PHP and MySQL, since they're both free, they're
      easy to install and set up, they'll run pretty much the same on about
      any combination of OS/webserver, and commercial PHP/MySQL hosting is
      both cheap and plentiful. :)



      > Date: Tue, 6 Jul 2004 10:45:58 -0500
      > From: "R Alford" <analytic1@...>
      > Subject: Re: FW: ASP apache
      > I understand that asp requires windows server. apache may be
      > available for a windows environment but if you are asking this
      > question, you certainly aren't ready to build up your own server
      > apache normally runs on *nix OS and is the OS of choice for
      > affordable hosting packages, normally.
      > Good luck.
      > Richard
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