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  • Jasmin
    Hello, I finally found out a script for my quiz the thing is it is all on one page and i would actually like to make it on 3 pages or so. how would i do that?
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2003
      I finally found out a script for my quiz the thing is
      it is all on one page and i would actually like to
      make it on 3 pages or so. how would i do that?
      here is my code for everything on one page.
      So this is my script. sorry i would have put it online
      but the ftp isn't working.




      <title>Final Project Java Script</title>
      <STYLE TYPE="text/css" MEDIA=screen>
      h1 { text-align: center; font-family: Arial;
      background: pink }
      body { font-family: Arial }
      <script language="Javascript">
      function Get_Results(){
      var d = document.frm;
      var score = 0;

      score = score + addScore(d.q1);
      score = score + addScore(d.q2);
      score = score + addScore(d.q3);
      score = score + addScore(d.q4);
      score = score + addScore(d.q5);
      score = score + addScore(d.q6);
      score = score + addScore(d.q7);
      score = score + addScore(d.q8);
      score = score + addScore(d.q9);
      score = score + addScore(d.q10);

      if(score>=10 && score<=17){
      result("You scored: "+score+"\n(10-17 points):
      Monaco, Cannes, Paris, Rome... You name it. All the
      fasion places are the place of your dreams. You
      probably save money for a plastic surgery. It is very
      important to you on how you look like when you leave
      the penthouse and you would never go outside without
      makeup or the perfect hairstyle. ", "Jetsetter",
      }else if(score>=18 && score<=26){
      result("You scored: "+score+"\n(18-26 points) You
      like brand names and expensive short trips to famouse
      places. Most money you earn you spend for makeup
      products and brand names. You have a lot of friends
      but you don't know who can trust and you don't even
      care about it. The best thing that could happen to you
      is going to a Fashion show of Ralph Lauren or Versace.
      ", "WannabeRich", "images/ernie.jpg");
      }else if(score>=27 && score<=34){
      result("You scored: "+score+"\n(27-34 points)
      Jetsetter. You enjoy expensive clothes and like to go
      out quite often. The ultimative adventure for you is
      to go on a tour where there is a calculated risk.
      Going on trips by yourself is not a pleasure and
      probably you wouldn't go somewhere off the beaten
      track.", "Vacationer", "images/elmo.jpg");
      }else if(score>=35 && score<=42){
      result("You scored: "+score+"\n(35-42 points) A
      little adventurer. But you still think it is important
      to work more than to travel. You enjoy going out and
      buy expensive things for you that are absolutly no use
      on an expedition. You like beeing with your friends
      and are don't enjoy to be away on your own for too
      long.", "Tripper", "images/zoe.jpg");
      }else if(score>=43 && score<=50){
      result("You scored: "+score+"\n(43-50 points) You
      are an adventurer and a traveler. Going on vacations
      is not how you relax and enjoy life. Acting sponanous
      is very important and it is not a big deal for you do
      go clubbing. You enjoy healthy foods and occasionally
      a good time with some selected friends of yours.",
      "Explorer", "images/bert.jpg");
      alert("Uh, something went terribly wrong!\n\nWindow
      will now reboot.");
      alert("Just kidding. Why don't you try to answer
      all the questions...");

      return false;

      function addScore(q){
      for(i=0; i<5; i++){
      return q[i].value * 1;
      alert("You must answer each question for this to work

      function result(msg, name, pic){
      var newWin = window.open("", "", "width=650,

      border><tr><td><img src="'+pic+'" width="80"
      height="100" alt=""
      <a href="sendSesame.html" target="new">Is that really
      you?</a> You are '+name+' .</center>');


      document.write("<bo" + "dy>")

      <h1>Who am I?</h1>
      Take this quiz and find out whether you are a
      adventurer and explorer or whether you just enjoy
      hanging on a beach during your vacation....
      Answer each question with the answer that is mostly
      like you.
      <form name="frm" onSubmit="Get_Results(); return
      <table cellspacing=5>

      <td><p> </p>
      <p>1) What is your perfect vacation?<br>
      <input name="q1" type="radio" value="3">
      5 day Safari in Kenya </p>
      <input name="q1" type="radio" value="4">
      3 weeks trip to Australia</p>
      <input name="q1" type="radio" value="1">
      1 week in a Capri Luxus Hotel</p>
      <input name="q1" type="radio" value="5">
      6 month plus hike thru Mongolia and
      <input name="q1" type="radio" value="2">
      trip to Los Angeles to meet the "Stars"<br>

      <td>2) Your perfect weekend getaway?<br>
      <input name="q2" type="radio" value="5">
      Robbie Williams concert in Knebsworth<br>
      <input name="q2" type="radio" value="1">
      trip to Paris<br>
      <input name="q2" type="radio" value="2">
      shopping in New York<br>
      <input name="q2" type="radio" value="4">
      skiing in Hafjell<br>
      <input name="q2" type="radio" value="3">
      Holmenkollen Skiweekend<br></td>

      <td>3) What is your favourite clubbing item?<br>
      <input name="q3" type="radio" value="2">
      Luis Vuitton handbag<br>
      <input name="q3" type="radio" value="5">
      <input name="q3" type="radio" value="3">
      <input name="q3" type="radio" value="4">
      <input name="q3" type="radio" value="3">

      <td>4) What would you mostly watch on TV?<br>
      <input name="q4" type="radio" value="4">
      World Wrestling<br>
      <input name="q4" type="radio" value="5">
      History Channel about the Celts<br>
      <input name="q4" type="radio" value="3">
      <input name="q4" type="radio" value="4">
      <input name="q4" type="radio" value="2">
      Reality Show<br></td>

      <td>5) Where do you see yourself in 10yrs?<br>
      <input name="q5" type="radio" value="4">
      shopping in Tokyo<br>
      <input name="q5" type="radio" value="5">
      hiking thru Tibet by yourself<br>
      <input name="q5" type="radio" value="2">
      working as a boss of some company<br>
      <input name="q5" type="radio" value="3">
      on a wellness vacation<br>
      <input name="q5" type="radio" value="1">
      having a family<br>

      <td>6) What would you buy mostly?<br>
      <input name="q6" type="radio" value="5">
      the newest electronic item<br>
      <input name="q6" type="radio" value="2">
      latest Prada shoe<br>
      <input name="q6" type="radio" value="3">
      diamond rings<br>
      <input name="q6" type="radio" value="2">
      <input name="q6" type="radio" value="4">
      a car<br></td>
      <td>7) Which one of the following would you
      like to eat right now?<br>
      <input name="q7" type="radio" value="2"> ice cream
      <input name="q7" type="radio" value="3"> pizza <br>
      <input name="q7" type="radio" value="1"> sushi <br>
      <input name="q7" type="radio" value="4"> pasta <br>
      <input name="q7" type="radio" value="5"> salad
      <td>8) Which continent fascinates you the
      <input name="q8" type="radio" value="1"> North America
      <input name="q8" type="radio" value="4"> South America
      <input name="q8" type="radio" value="5"> Antarctica
      <input name="q8" type="radio" value="3"> Asia <br>
      <input name="q8" type="radio" value="2"> Europe

      <td>9)What city would you go to?<br>
      <input name="q9" type="radio" value="5">
      Ulan Baator<br>
      <input name="q9" type="radio" value="1">
      <input name="q9" type="radio" value="3">
      Cape Town<br>
      <input name="q9" type="radio" value="4">
      Kuala Lumpur<br>
      <input name="q9" type="radio" value="2">
      Los Angeles<br></td>

      <td>10) With whom would you like to go out for
      <input name="q10" type="radio" value="4">
      David Beckham<br>
      <input name="q10" type="radio" value="3">
      Robbie Williams<br>
      <input name="q10" type="radio" value="5">
      Bruno Baumann<br>
      <input name="q10" type="radio" value="1">
      Pamela Anderson<br>
      <input name="q10" type="radio" value="2">
      Ralph Lauren<br></td>

      <input type="submit" value="Check">
      <form><input type="button" value="Send this page to a


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