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Re: Script for putting data into forms

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  • talia679
    Okay let me see if I do this right: on INDEX.htm <a href= talia.htm?string >talia</a> on TALIA.HTM <script language
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2002
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      Okay let me see if I do this right:<br><br>on
      href="talia.htm?string">talia</a><br><br>on TALIA.HTM<br><br><script language =
      javascript><br><!--<br>var str=location.search;<br>str = str.substring(1,
      str.length);<br>--><br><br><form><br><input type=text
      value=document.str><br></form><br><br>And in that text box it says "string"<br><br>I don't
      think this is right ... but if it is ... good job to me
      :) hehe ... let me know how to edit this.
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