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Re: After Page Renders?

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  • japaalekhin.llemos
    onload should work... but if you want you could put a....
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      onload should work... but if you want you could put a....

      <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"><!--

      window.setTimeout('function();', 300);


      at the END of your document just before the </body>. i don't know if it would work if you put it after </html>, probably would.

      btw, the 300 ms delay will allow for the browser to load other things that are making your script unreliable when it loads immediately

      hope this helps. good luck

      Japa Alekhin Llemos

      --- In JavaScript_Official@yahoogroups.com, "Soren" <soren.j.winslow@...> wrote:
      > Is there a way to trigger a function after a page completely loads or an element completely loads?
      > Here is what I am trying to do. At http://www.muddyrivernightmareband.com/NewsShows.asp I have a table with a nav cell that lists stuff and a main cell that shows the content. The size of the content is going to vary and I want to vary the height of the nav side. The script I have for that works. But, what I cant get to work, is that the script sometimes triggers too soon depending on how fast the graphic in the main cell loads and so once in a while my nave menu is too short. Right now I just have the script wait one second before running, but I would like it a bit more dynamic than that. So, I am looking for a way to trigger the script after the page completely renders or after the graphic loads.
      > Thank in advance,
      > Soren
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