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Re: [JavaScript] Select Option List Problem

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  • PapaTango
    Are you using Firefox? It remembers form values that you ve had previously when you refresh the page so you don t see the default values being set. PT
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 13, 2008
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      Are you using Firefox? It 'remembers' form values that you've had
      previously when you refresh the page so you don't see the default values
      being set.


      Soren wrote:
      > I have a server side script that writes my javascript for a select
      > options. The problem I am having is that the option that I tell it to
      > set as the selected option is not showing as the selected option. On
      > teh screen it shows the option above it. It doesnt make any sense to
      > me at all.
      > For example...
      > TheForm.ReportPageOptions.options[0] = new Option
      > ("Anchorage","Anchorage", false, false);
      > TheForm.ReportPageOptions.options[1] = new Option("Bob Bruner","Bob
      > Bruner", false, false);
      > TheForm.ReportPageOptions.options[2] = new Option("Brant
      > Smith","Brant Smith", false, false);
      > TheForm.ReportPageOptions.options[3] = new Option("Chris
      > Wahlberg","Chris Wahlberg", false, false);
      > TheForm.ReportPageOptions.options[4] = new Option("Greg
      > Reichert","Greg Reichert", true, true);
      > TheForm.ReportPageOptions.options[5] = new Option("Harry
      > Whittaker","Harry Whittaker", false, false);
      > My script is selecting the right option, but on the screen it shows
      > Chris Wahlberg as being selected instead of Greg Reichert. I dont get
      > it.
      > Soren
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