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14554Re: [JavaScript] object oriented javascript quiz

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  • Jonas Raoni
    Nov 12, 2006
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      On 11/12/06, khing2 <khing2@...> wrote:
      > You must at least read a post properly before you comment on it. the
      > original post said this.

      Most of the times it isn't needed, and when the post is big enough, I
      just don't read :)

      > To be honest at first glance you seem like a
      > hot head script kiddy who feels he is the best coder out
      > there......but i will give you the benefit of a doubt.

      Haha, I don't have a "hot head", I used to be a troll and I still
      keeping some of my old qualities, but now I just attack people who
      tries to show they have a superior knowledge in a bad way. If it
      wasn't your intention, sorry xD

      > If you want to show people advanced stuff you must present it in
      > simple form.

      If you want them to understand easily, it's true.

      > After it was done i thought it might be useful to someone wanting to get into object
      > oriented javascript.

      Have you seen that old JavaScript manual from devedge? There was a
      rich set of examples on it, for a beginner it would be much more
      cleaner, easier and more helpful to post it instead of your code (it
      used to explain how to do inheritance and each step was detailed),
      which has errors and don't present a really good way of doing things,
      a "example" should be simple, but not wrong :)

      Don't be angry, the world is already full of rage hahaha xD

      Jonas Raoni Soares Silva
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