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14550Re: [JavaScript] object oriented javascript quiz

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  • khing2
    Nov 12, 2006
      --- In JavaScript_Official@yahoogroups.com, "Jonas Raoni"
      <jonasraoni@...> wrote:
      > On 11/10/06, khing2 <khing2@...> wrote:
      > > Lastly saying that its all badly written code.....
      > I don't even remember of this code anymore, if I'm not wrong it was
      > something related with "questions and answers", am I right? :D
      > > It would be nice if
      > > you would provide a more useful response other than your
      > > sensationalism. Its easy for someone to say that this is crap! Ask
      > > them to say how it is crap and they get quiet.
      > I didn't knew this code was posted by a forum member, otherwise I
      > would just stay quiet...
      > But I remember that it was written something like "if you want to know
      > more about very advanced OO techniques in javascript, follow this
      > link", I don't like such phrases, they are so full of ego, so when I
      > see such things, I check if the code is really what people claims it
      > to be, if not, I say it's crap xD
      > > I pose a challenge to you to write an app with the very same
      > > functionality without the badly written code and post it here for us
      > > to compare.
      > Right now I don't have so much free time, but if you post a better
      > challenge, I accept, I like to make things related with math or
      > strings maniputation, something small and generic.
      > --
      > Jonas Raoni Soares Silva
      > http://www.jsfromhell.com

      You must atleast read a post properly before you comment on it. the
      original post said this. To be honest at first glance you seem like a
      hot head script kiddy who feels he is the best coder out
      there......but i will give you the benefit of a doubt.

      It makes use of many useful key
      concepts that can be used in other advanced javascript applications.

      There is nothing egotistical about that.

      If you want to show people advanced stuff you must present it in
      simple form. That is all i was seeking to do. The javascript was
      written specifically to someone's specification. After it was done i
      thought it might be useful to someone wanting to get into object
      oriented javascript.
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