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13867Re: [JavaScript] protecting my web site

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  • f3l
    Jul 1, 2006
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      On 6/30/06, srinath ramamoorthy <web_hosting87@...> wrote:
      > hi
      > im in the process of developing a web site


      > but i dont want anyone else to save the site.

      too bad that's not the way the NEt works....

      > or even use up the images i put up on the site.

      there is a technology called HotLink, however, they may just do a
      "Print Screen".

      > i just want to disable the right click command as well

      that's easy, but it wont protect your page from the ultimate command: ctrl+s

      >as i dont want anyone to save my site into thier pcs.

      how about a java applet, that secretly loads a page inside the the applet?

      > does anyone in the group know how to get this done.??
      > help me out
      > sri

      there are many people in the Net, these eople have all different kinds
      of knowledge, you can protect your content from the n00bs (90%?), by
      disabling right click, and some server side tricks, but there is the
      other 9%, that know how stuff works, and if your conntent is good
      enough (trust me, there are better sites, no matter how good is, and
      better content, for free out there, so pretecting your litle secrets
      is useless (and futile).), and can go arround silly security measures
      like the ones javascript provides.

      and there is that 1% that you just cannot protect against, no matter
      how hard you try.

      the question is: is 99% enough?
      if that's so, go JS, (but remember, images still show that litle Disk
      image on top hen hovered over, that allows the dumbest user to
      download them easily, so use CSS backgrounds,which are still
      stealable, but not no easily so.)

      there is no such thing as 100% security.

      > [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]

      there seems to be quite a debate, on wether linux is a toaster, or a
      unix clone...
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