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Re: [JatHistory] Fw: QUEEN AND HER BATON

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  • arvind kumar
    Dear sir , Very timely and heart rending write up.  This is a testimony of passing of baton from brits to nexus  of  businessman & politicians . Honor ,
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 2, 2010
      Dear sir ,
      Very timely and heart rending write up.  This is a testimony of passing of baton from brits to nexus  of  businessman & politicians . Honor , respect and livelihood of common man is on mercy of this nexus. Nexal agitation is biggest example. Media is new entrant to this nexus.
      Arvind Malik

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      BY COL MS DAHIYA,Shaurya Chakra

      It was the soul of the SAHID –E-AZAM BHAGAT SINGH  which  took a turn first in his grave, and in turn nudged those of Raj guru & Sukhdev, on realizing that something was amiss in their immediate vicinity. Not only that the energy emitted by the stimulant raised a familiar pain  but anguish felt was also known. As expected he took a peep out of the grave & was horrified to see that it was the same BATON which had left deep scars on his youthful mortal body. It had its usual pomp& show , in fact  a shade better. The enthusiasm was also palpable &there was  an excitement, in fact a sense of pride on every face ,except that the usual GORA SAHIB was no where to be seen. He asked of the two of his inseparable trio of Rajguru & Sukhdev if they could make out anything of this spectacle.  Rajguru noted from the body language of people present, that as if they were two different entities . Sukhdev noted hat they were extremely sensitive to a thin line at WAGAH & were making  genuine effort not to violate it under any circumstances ,as if it will have great consequences. It was Bhagat singh again who identified some apparently familiar faces in the crowds including some of the headgears of which he  was  extremely conscious& always exhorted his people to uphold the prestige at every cost. No wonder the trio were baffled & were very confused  as to what was the show all about?.

      The strange presence of anything to do with the Queen of England specaially accompanied by any thing like BATON OR BULLETS, OPENED MANY WOUNDS IN THE MANY  SOULS  LYING IN THE CORPSE  FILLED WELLS IN THE JALLIAN WALA  BAGH as well.  Punjab  kesri  lala lajpat rai’s soul in Ludhiana almost tore open the grave to send tremors across what ever was left of Punjab in its present day configuration ON SEEING THE WEAPON OF HIS DEATH. The most shaken was the soul of CH CHHOTU RAM, THE REHBAR-E-AZAM& DEEN BANDHU, CHAMPION OF THE TOWERING TRIO OF MUSALMAN,SIKHS & HINDU UNITY,WHO HAD JINNAH ON THE RUN & EVEN HAD THE GUTS TO  CHALLENGE THE VICEROY. He was amazed to see the love & pride that the people for whom he had spent his life, were  showing for the Baton &of course the Queen.

      As the Baton kept on passing through the land of those heroes (majority of them dead by now & rest already redundant& waiting to pass away) of the INDIAN  NATIONAL  ARMY  under NETAJI, they  were full of repentance/remorse, realizing the strange ways of the world. They were found questioning their OWN wisdom /rationale in making all the sacrifices they did in the JUNGLES OF SINGAPUR & BURMA, if ultimately it had to come to this only .Those of these valiant NATIONALISTS, alive today who were liberally showered with this Baton on their frail bodies ,were aghast to see it come in front of their dimmed eyes& were filled with DEEP sense of betrayal. There were enumerable other such souls who could not even get a decent burial & those who were executed in a most barbarian way, called KACHHI FANSI (the way adopted post First War of Independence -1857 to execute those who rose in revolt ,mostly in the present state oh Haryana),ASKING SIMILAR QUESTIONS.

      To address the combined anguish of All these martyrs who gave THEIR  today for our tomorrow demand an explanation FOR THIS OUTRIGHT BETRAYAL & WHY THE PRESENT DAY GENERAIONCOULD  NOT UPHOLD  WHAT THEY FOUGHT FOR  & SACRIFIED EVERY THING DEAR TO THEM & HOW EVEN TODAY WE CONTINUE TO BE NOTHING BEYOND COMMON  WEALTH OF THE CROWN & NOT INDEPENDENT? . HOW EVEN TODAY WE FEEL BAD IF THE QUEEN MOTHER IS NOT ABLE TO GRACE  THE OCCASION  BECAUSE OF HER PREOCCUPATION( MAY BE EVEN  A COFFEE PARTY)OR SHE INTENTIONALLY  WANTS TO SEND THE PRINCE  SO THAT SUBSERVIENT COULD PASS THIS HERITAGE TO THE NEXT GENERATION?. There are enumerable such like questions that are being asked of the present day generation for whom it is ECONOMICS alone which is of any consequences. The murmur & possible reason is recently out in the media where some one at the fag end is trying to tell in the typical ways of  today’s value system that is all this is a sheer waste of money .So it is all for the money & money alone that all this Tamasha has been organized, apart  of course to reinforce our subservience to the CROWN OF ENGLAND. Another pertinent point the same person has raised is that a major chunk (budget from the initial 1988 crores to now RS 30000 crores) has been spent on exclusive zone inhabited by the elites. Is there any one  who can give a satisfactory  reply to these harried souls of yester years, who sacrificed every thing by resisting the same BATON & IT’S BEHOLDER THE QUEEN?.

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