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Fwd: Re by david_russell_watson: Laanchhans and Their Meanings: 1. Bull

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  • Mahavir
    ... That s not the case. There s no sense of farmer or cultivator connected to kSatriya- . From the online dictionary at http://webapps.uni- ... Actually
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2006
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      > The meaning of the word `Kshatriya' is not only the warrior, but
      > also a cultivator or a farmer.

      That's not the case. There's no sense of 'farmer'
      or 'cultivator' connected to 'kSatriya-'.

      From the online dictionary at http://webapps.uni-
      koeln.de/tamil/ :

      >< kSatriya mfn. governing , endowed with sovereignty;
      >< m. a member of the military or reigning order (which
      >< in later times constituted the second caste).

      > This word is formed from the original Prakrit word `Khattiya'.

      Actually it's the other way around. 'Khattiya-' is
      from an older 'kSatriya-', found in Sanskrit and
      Vedic, and based on the word 'kSatram' "dominion".

      The regular outcome of Old Indo-Aryan 'kS' in the
      Prakrits is 'kh', and the regular outcome of 'tr'
      is 'tt'.

      > In Hindi language we can see the word `Kheti' for the farm and
      > `Khetihar' for the farmer. Both the words are derived from the
      > original Prakrit words `Khatti' and `Khattiya'.

      In fact, those go back to a separate Prakrit form
      likewise containing an 'e' not an 'a', referring
      exclusively to land, and coming from the same Old
      Indo-Aryan source as the Sanskrit words 'kSetra-'
      "land, soil", 'kSetrakarman' "soil cultivation",
      'kSetrAjIva' "living by agriculture, cultivator",
      and 'kSetrabhUmi' "cultivated land", to name a few.


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