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History of Kak, Kakraan Clan and Lord Ram of the Ramayana

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  • Ravi Chaudhary
    ... Was Lord Ram of the Ramayana a historical figure and what was his ethnicity? Dalip Singh Ahlawat in his book History of the Jats informs us that he was a
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      > Does anyone know of the history of the Khakh clan?
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      Was Lord Ram of the Ramayana a historical figure and what was his

      Dalip Singh Ahlawat in his book' History of the Jats'
      informs us
      that he was a Jat of the Kakusth Clan, who today are found as Kak,
      Khak, and Kakran Jats.

      He writes:

      Vaivasthmanu had a son Ishvaku, who established the city of Ayodhya.
      He has a son Bikushi, who fought in the dev Asura wars, and he was
      known as KUKUSTH.

      From him a branch emanated, which was known as Kakusth, Kak, Khak,
      which is a Jat Gotra or clan. Owing to changes in language and
      variations in phonetics, the original name is now found in its
      variants as, Kak, Kaak, Khak, Kaakaitya, Kakk, Kuk, Kukk, Kukoor,
      Kaakraan, etc, and these clans are found spread all over in various
      These clans are not found in any other people but the Jats, and if
      found that branch has emanated from the Jats

      It was from this background that the grandfather of Dasrath, was
      Raghu, and from him sprang a Jat goth/ gotra ` Raghuvanshi"

      The Raghuvanshi Jats were also known later as Raghuvanshi Sikarwar,
      and are still found today in large numbers.

      Raja Dasrath and his son Ram were of the Kakusth/Raghuvanshi clan.

      The Ramayana of Valmiki contains a number of references to this.

      1. Vishvamitra says to Raja Dasrath: -

      " Kakusthnandan, [lord of the Kakusth (clan)] if Vashista and
      other ministers give you their permission, send your son Ram with
      me "[Balkhandhe, Ekhonvinsh sarg shloka 16]

      2. Vishvamitra is going ahead, and following him is the famous
      Kakpakshdhari' (light, moon of the Kak (clan)] Lord Ram)
      Duavinsh, Sarg, Shloka 6]

      3. Vishvamitra says to Lord Ram" Kakusthnandan (lord of the
      Kakusth (clan)

      I have thought of giving you these two branches of knowledge
      [Balkhandhe Duavinsh Sarg Shloka 20]

      4. Raghunandan! To make the Cows and the Brahmans happy, you must
      defeat the powerful, fierce, and evil Yakshi. [Balkhandhe Panchvinsh
      Sarg Shloka 15]

      5. Kaband the demon said " Raghunandan- Please go the to
      residence of the Sanyasani (lady ascetic) Sanbri. [Balkhandhe First
      Sarg: Shloka 56]

      Lord Ram is thus described variously as Raghunandan, Raghukul, [of
      Raghu family, Kakusthkulbhushan [light of the Kakusth clan],
      Raghuvanshi [of the Raghu clan] in various places of the Ramayana of
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