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Potohari + Mirpuri = Real Kashmiri?

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  • Rahul
    Potohar is treated as a region of Northern Punjab, but is its Culture and people really a component of Punjab and are their Manners and Cutoms the same as of
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2004
      Potohar is treated as a region of Northern Punjab, but is its Culture
      and people really a component of Punjab and are their Manners and
      Cutoms the same as of Punjabis of the South?

      Azad Kashmir or Mirpur is a land of troublemakers, for Pakistanis as
      well as Indians. Indians see their stubborn resistance, a historical
      enmity against all things Hindu, the most recent reason for which is
      the Hindu Dogra (mis)rule of Punchhi Potohari areas by the Dogra
      rulers of Jammu. Mirpuri Potoharis,wholike being called Kashmiris
      have little in common with Kashmiris of the Valley and elsewhere.
      Their language is a Pahari-Potohari which resembles, or rather which
      is the mother of Dogri and Southern Punjabi, because it is free from
      many Turak inflections which Punjabi, as spoken by Jats and other
      mixed races in the south speak, probably since mongolian-altaic also
      happens to be the racial character of these people.

      Pakistanis feel compelled to continue their Kashmir programme because
      if they do not, these Mirpuri Azad Kashmiris(Potoharis basically,
      from the east of Jhelum) will regard it as a gross betrayal and any
      kinship which religion makes them feel with the Pakistanis will be
      undermined. Most Mirpuris are Sudhans although in the southern areas
      there live a few Jatts. Another people are the Gujjars who do not
      feel strongly about the Mirpuri Kashmiri cause but they live on the
      Indian Side of the divide.

      Potohari Saraswats, who migrated to India in 1947 or converted to
      Islam are also related to the Sudhans, both are a unique warrior
      people,whereas Sudhans live in the mountains or at greater altitude
      being the only differentiator, rest of their Culture is alike. THe
      Hindus were chided for being spiritually Muslims by some other
      Brahmanical groups which made them either diffident or some got
      inverted and identified themselves with a new breed of fanatical

      Mirpuris and Pushto-Afghans, they are the ones which have found
      plenty of faults within the western lands where they migrated years
      ago, given some socio-economic problems in their regions which was
      not developed by the Southern punjabi Pakistani political elite which
      has probably always lacked trust in them, nothwithstanding the common
      collectivist cause called Pakistan, which they share.

      There is little which is now known about the Saraswat Brahmans(Hindu
      Sudhans) and now this sub-race is almost lost, but I request Ravi to
      read some more about the Sudhans and if possible detail a response
      which might suggest their relationship with the Jat/Jatt groups.

      I will post a few of our old ways.
      Potoharis are warriors and Poets.
      Potoharis are simple, honest and hardworking men of soil.
      Potoharis are a highly conservative group, patriarchy being a strong
      traditionamong them.
      Most true Potoharis are Sudhans, Rajput Muslims Including the
      Janjuas, Saraswats(out of the landscape).
      Potoharis think Kashmiris are wimps and Buddhists, especially the
      Potoharis have lately become staunch Muslims because of their
      historical animosities with respect to the Dogras and the Indian
      Mirpuris/Potoharis fear India thus they have temporarily accepted
      their status as Pakistanis being a deterrent against an Indian
      invasion upon their land.

      I feel that exploration has dicovered probable profitable drilling
      prospects in the Potohar region. And this land is going to get alot
      more interesting once the Oil forces are settled with Iraq and the
      rest of the Middle East. In Pakistan, there is a willing
      Mohajir/fellaheen elite which will align its interests with forces of
      oil & energy and northern people will be pitted against them,but
      before that their Culture needs to be destroyed and their blood ought
      to be wasted to exhaust them of any yearning for fighting.

      Mirpuris in the west have created a support for the Kashmiri Cause
      there among Political Elite. The valley has its own anti-India issues
      fuelled by Guns, muscle and petrodollars, but eventually their vision
      of Islam is hardly similar to that of Mirpuri-Potohari.

      Genetically however, Potoharis, Punchhis & Mirpuris are closer to
      Kashmiris. Toomas Kivisild reckons that the Nordindid Kashmiris might
      be the original Indo-European race, and from them are derived
      Potoharis who could be the Aryan Sudas and Pururavas.

      Khatri and Aroras are likely an Indo-Greek and Sindhi people,
      distinct from Potoharis.

      If they are at all related to the Jats, who claim a Saraswati
      homeland, much becomes obvious and who knows if Jats and our folk are
      actually a common people.
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