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    Dear members, as we look back over 5 years of our existence, there are positive and negative points. Organisations do evolve slowly and it is difficult to
    Message 1 of 3 , May 1, 2006
      Dear members,
      as we look back over 5 years of our existence, there are positive and negative points.
      Organisations do evolve slowly and it is difficult to develop a business moel for a voluntary organisation of our nature as tailor made solutions are not available as precedences.But our focus is very clear .To make this Forum a Premier organisation of intelletuals from major towns of India and overseas Indians/Foreign citizens interested in India( emerging power), with a powerful voice and service to society.

      We have redesigned the home page and the objectives are now clearly divided in 12 part program as listed below:

      We request one member each to take over one function and develop this activity to best possible with out background support.

      We are also going to have our second conclave in Delhi in summer 06(May or June)

      Any NRI members if have program to visit India during this period in these 2 months mentioned,may please suggest me dates.

      We also want to shift HQ of Forum to Delhi for obvious reasons and have Regional centres in beginning at:
      Mumbai,Hyderabad,Chennai,Bangalore,Jaipur,Patna, Lucknow,Chandigarh,Shimla,Cuttack/ Bhubaneshwar,Baroda/Ahmedabad,Trivandrum and Bhopal/Indore
      and overseas at:
      Chicago, New York,Atlanta, Ottawa ,London,Edmonton,Singapore, Dubai and Johnesburg{SA).

      These chapters will be autonomous and self actuating with full backing of HO.

      Let us think big and contribute efforts by each member.

      We also have to aim to make the membership reach > 1000 members.We really don't want inactive and superficial members.We also want more women and young girls to come forward.Particularly those engaged in Political science,journalism, Economics and Social development activities/areas of studies.

      The Advisory group is being reconstituted.

      We have also decided to set up within next 2 months our own website for which domain has been registered as:

      Any I.T background member or any other members who can help us donate webspace(200 MB)and uploading and designing of website features are welcometo take this up.

      WE SHALL NOT ACCEPT ANY DONATIONS FROM BUSINESS HOUSES AND PSUEDO SOCIAL ORGANISATIONS ETC although we keep getting offers to this effect.We want to be independent and vibrant fearless non connected NGO.Thopugh for schol;arships and conventions etc we wont mind sponsorships of persons/organisations whom we value and in line with our objectives.

      We want more young people to get involved seriously and be invited to join this group.

      This yahoo group will continue to exist for discussions etc as it has powerful free of cost features.

      In each nodal centres as above One regional Incharge will take care and the members who are interested, may write to President at:
      With name,age,gendre,locaion,contact Number and desired centre.offial certificate shall be despatched and announced in file section of the forum.

      We request members to come forward and help make this Forum a vital force for change and survieillance besides being a global friendship and self help Group of handpicked intellectual and successful people who care also for India and humanity in general.

      Let us help in resurgence of Indian society in particular and globlly in general as there is all round collapse of ethics,systems and uncontrolled damage is being done to democracy model,environment and human values and rights.

      1.Civil and Human Rights violations and laws relating to this
      2.Efficient and accountable Public Administration free of corruption
      3.Women and child Empowerment
      4.Helping women achieve higher education
      5.Social development and Micro Projects
      6.Judicial and legal reforms
      7.Environment protection
      8.Consumer awareness and movement
      9.Holistic disease and toxins free living
      10.A Global friendship Club for intelligentia & Social Action.
      11.Direct intervention on victimisation of a citizen/member
      12.To Network with other NGOs for common missions.Involve people in resurgence of Brand India and its culture

      Members may please invite known and active persons to join in.

      Prof R K Gupta
      Hony President
      India FORCE

      (Extract from meeting held on 10th february for review of India FORCE working for last 5 years at Chandigarh)

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