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congress government has release more than 600  terrorist [Congress is mask of Taliban ]‏

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  • Sudhir-Architect
    The congress government has release more than 600 terrorist in last 9-years serving sentence for bombing in India. This proves that Congress is working for
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 8, 2013
      The congress government has release more than 600 terrorist in last 9-years serving sentence for bombing in India. This proves that Congress is working for Pakistan ISI , LeT and Taliban. In India, Paki terrorist is treated like Son-in-law of Secular Congress. They will get a royal stay in Hindustan.

      This secular Congress Govt. can welcome terrorist Paki, who demands a separate Kashmir & host a Pakistan flag in Hindustan. But they cannot allow Anna or Ramdev to fight against corruption

      Secular Congress is mask of Taliban in Hindustan.

      AP government ignored warning on IM operative's release

      HYDERABAD: Despite prison officials warning the government to 'review' granting remission to Syed Maqbool, whose name has come up in context of the recent Dilsukhnagar blasts, the state government for reasons not quite clear had set him free on Gandhi Jayanti in 2009.

      Syed Maqbool, convicted for the murder of a Nizamabad-based businessman, was serving a life term at Cherlapally jail when he was granted remission by the state government. Investigators now say that he helped terror operatives recce sites in Dilsukhnagar for the terror strike.

      TOI accessed documents relating to the remission granted to Maqbool through Right to Information (RTI) Act, and the note sent by the prisons department to the state government said: "He (Maqbool) was convicted for murdering a cycle store owner. He was a religious fundamentalist (sic). His case may be reviewed thoroughly before considering his release.'' Incidentally, the note highlighted the remarks in bold letters.

      Yet a five-member high-level committee constituted by the government to review case-by-case the 1,003 convicts eligible for release, overruled the prisons department's warning and recommended the release of Maqbool and two of his associates Syed Mukthar and Mirza Kasim Baig without any review. The prisons department had made the same remarks about the other two convicts and similarly highlighted the remarks.

      Ajay Mishra, then principal secretary (home), chaired the committee, while the other members were then additional director-general (law and order) A K Khan, then additional director-general (CID) A Sivanarayana, then director-general (prisons) Lokendra Sharma and then secretary to government for legal affairs V Suri Appa Rao.

      The documents, accessed through RTI Act, confirmed that remissions were based on a few criteria laid down by the state government and did not include seeking conduct certificates of these prisoners. The conditions laid down by the state government divided the 1003 eligible convicts into different categories: life convicts eligible as per guidelines, those whose cases required further review, convicts in whose case legal opinion was required and those who had killed public servants. Maqbool was in the second category.


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      Sudhir Srinivasan
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