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INDIA :: Re: [Janshakti] Gang rape,crimes & Corruption-India a failed democracy

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  • Bhalchandra Thattey
    You have said things which a great number of Indians wanted to hear. ... -- Bhalchandra G. Thattey Shubham Bhavatu Svalpasya Api AsyaYogasya Trayate Mahato
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2013
      You have said things which a great number of Indians wanted to hear.

      On Sun, Feb 3, 2013 at 10:54 AM, India Force <janshakti2001@...> wrote:

      Every year drama is enacted on 26th January and 15th August to make people feel that they were slaves for last 1000 years. I just cant understand what is need to  organise two functions every  year and waste crores of rupees and waste efforts of police and securities agencies which could be used for criminal investigations and law and order.20% of police force every where washes plates in homes of IAS officers and cheap politicians.This cant be seen any where in world including UK whose stooge we are since last 200 years.Nehru was biggest ape of white skin mannerisms.Nehru being born in India and becoming PM was worst historical accident India has had and will pay for it for centuries to come.Irony is that his offspring continue toi rule. It seems indians have no self respect.
      We proudly shout we are a democracy.Are we? Since 1947 one single family is running dynasty? So what has changed? Nothing.Only that power of muscle or sword of kings has given way to fraud called  voting in name of democracy to grab power again and again.
      Indians should feel ashamed of themselves. Not for any other thing but for this single reason, Fake Gandhi's( borrowed from mahatma Gandhi) should be given permanent rest and live like ordinary citizens.This family is fountain head of mismanagement and corruption in country. It is alleged by various sources that Sonia and her kins have siphoned off already more than 50,000 crores from India.in last 10 years.
      Indian judiciary is big fraud.Police, judges and politicians all working hand in gloves simply do drama of justice.Indian judiciary is a non performing, non accountable and sick entity.
      ,Policemen are just short of being khaki clad goons.Thoroughly corrupt and uncountable.IT is sad fact that only 30% of crimes are sent to police.Only 50% are recorded, 50% are sent to court and only 25% get convicted.Even after that almost 100% get bails and endless appeals follow with Indian high courts biggest actors in judicial fraud going on in country.Salman is out just because of Rajasthan High court. There is no accountability of highly  paid and super rich High court judges. They admit appeal and sit on files for decades sending message to criminals-'beta' go on and do more crimes till we sleep on your file.Finally 50% criminals are acquitted anyway.So why crminals should fear? They spend much lesser than vicitim to get justice.It is matter of Shame for our parliamantarians that they have created so foul system that whole system workls to protect crminals than to work for victim.Actual legal reforms and expansion of judiciary is being not done deliberately.
      The black coats are totally out of control.There is no third party supervision on lawyers.Loot and corruption is rampant in lawyers and court premises.WE know all this.But no one mentions it? Why? Are we Indians blind or hypocrites? Orw e all are corrupt?
      India is only society where people compete to be called backwards and dalits. Is not is absurd and shamefull? Rent seekers.IT is damginmg scular and democractic fibre of coutynry sicne 70% people are busy to bypass and get unfair advanatges in name of 1000 year old treatment given.Instea dof economic backwardness we promote caste and gender and religion based reservations that too 60% and call ourselevs democratuic state.
      What is use of making laws? when no one is going to be punished? That is if at all caught in the first place.
      Many more gang rapes will take place.They have already vtaken place.Women are raped in India in every 4th Home daily.By all types of people.Step father, father in law to devar to cousin to neighbor.Bosses rape women for giving promotions even in top companies. Film industry it is alleged that every second heroin has made her way through bedrooms of producers,super heroes and directors. India is a sick society.Full of hypocrisy ,fraud and cowardice.Indians are it seems born corrupt and compromising lot.How else people can pass by two naked injured persons lying on road in national capital? The shameful act of policemen on the spot should make them loose jobs .But they are rewarded.
      In India if a soldier dies on frontier, 50 lacs are extracted by family. If a policeman catches a thief award is given.What  for they are recruited then and paid for life time?
      All welfare schemes are restricted to public servants while 80% masters are poor and without homes.It is funn y system of governnace where servants are fattened and rich and masters poor and emaciated.Houses,pensions,medical,cars,education allowance  and on and on.permant jobs without accoutnability.......endless list for 2% babus in country.But salries at apr with private sector.Andf to top it almost 2 times of salary bribes and theft of public money.What model of governnace is being followed? WE have nothing in common with USA except for Gays bill.
      Rapes are taking place so is bribery because every one knows that chances of being punished are less than 2% and that too after 20 years.by that time victim might forget all or even die.It is national shame.Indian judiciary is big fraud with nation and a liability on society.Why should we waste more than rs 1 lac crore on Indian judiciary every year? Almost same amount is earned by them through bribes.It is disgusting
      There is no law of torts in crimes like in USA and other countries.The best way to punish criminals is to ruin them financially.Richer the criminals more severe the penalties. For example if a person rapes a woman , he should be fined rs 5 lacs  and in case of gang rape Rs 10m lac each. IN corruption cases, no permission should be required of corrupt bosses.20 years RI and rs 1 million fine should be imposed.No one obeys court decrees.COurt have no duty to recover money decreed by it.Nothing finally comes out except for 1 5 page stamped order.IT is abig fraud with citizens.
      There is no time limit for anything in India. This is being deliberately done so guys like those involved in Chara ghotala types can enjoy luxury and sleaze for decades showing thumb to law.Poeple like lalloo or Mulayam or karunanidhi will never allow any strcit law to be passed.
      Nothing will happen by nacting  rape laws as being done. What is important is  cheaper and easily accessible justice, time limit, cut down wings of Indian high courts who I view as main cause of promotion crimes in country, make FIR registration compulsory and throw out policemen who score less than 60% of success rate  over a period of 5 years.After every 5 years just throw out 25% policemen.
      I cant understand why we have so many polcie stations in citie s? In mdorn era we should have only one centrally located Polcie HQ for all FIRs and inevstigations.Clsely monitores by electronic surveillance in rpemises. The Polcie stations should be only for law and order  work.FIR can be lodged on net or by post.IT should be duty of polcei offciers to visit victims plave ,collect data ,docuemnts and statements and start inevstigation  within 3 hrs to 7 days dependign on type of crime and its urgency.The old models have to chnage.I could not understand what is logic of jurisdiction In same city?
      Indians should celebrate only one India day on 26th January that is all.We should stop parading outdated and third rate equipment of military on such days?what is logic in it? Are we trying to terrorise rickshaw pullers? It is a rejoice day or a day to show fighting strength? Old practcies are being braiunlesly continued. Se the luxurious way ministers move and live.Like kings. The life threat drama is create dby policticns so they can justify commandoes and keep public away  otherwise they would simply rip aprt their lims for crimes being done against people daily.
      There should be maximum two tenures for any one in any public elected office from Sarpanch to President of India.No close relative should be allowed to take over for next 10 years.Unless this is done dynasties will grow making mockery of democracy.
      It is time Indians think seriously of actual reforms needed not the ones being done by MM Singh a stooge,fraud economist and a puppet of MNCs.Motorcycles and mobiles are not reforms.The days this dummy has taken over only prices are rising every day and have crossed 500% in general prices and 1300% in land.This is pure loot and breakdown of governance.Singh should be immediately dismissed and prosecuted for treason along with Chidambaram.Daily these guys go to office they have only two points.Raising some price and looting money of public by one or other way.It is sickening that a too old men of 80 years  working as PM or President in country which calls itself democracy Nothing could be bigger joke.
      India is a fraud democracy and total failure with dynasty rule, rampant corruption, rising crimes, failed judiciary and lootmaar going on that is worse than countries like Ghana.
      It is matter of shame for all Indians.60% peoiple just dont know why they vote and how it affects their lives.After 1000 years and 68 years of freedom India is more caste ridden than before.
      Country has been taken over by scoundrels as predicted by Winston Churchil.
      Bhartiya Nagrik Adhikar Pravartan Manch
      HO Chandigarh AO Jodhpur
      (Honey President:Prof R K Gupta)
      Come Join The Movement

      Bhalchandra G. Thattey
      Shubham Bhavatu
      Svalpasya Api AsyaYogasya Trayate Mahato Bhayat ll
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