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Aryan Invasion Theory;G.T. Shahan's review of Gidwani's ' March of the Aryans

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  • Arjun Sippy
    I have gratefully noted the illuminating comments of the respected  Koenraad.elst and Francious Gautier on Aryan Invasion theory.  Meanwhile, it gives me
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      I have gratefully noted the illuminating comments of the respected 
      Koenraad.elst and Francious Gautier on Aryan Invasion theory. 

      Meanwhile, it gives me pleasure to copy below, a Review by G.T. Shahan,  on Bhagwan S. Gidwani's book, "March of the Aryans", with particular reference to the Aryan Invasion Theory

      I do agree  with those who believe that a better  understanding of the past will make the future less daunting . While some  may regard the age-old adage that "those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it" as a mere rhetorical flourish, I for one believe that every effort should be made to rediscover the past
      Arjun Sippy

      Review on Bhagwan S. Gidwani's "March of the Aryans"   with reference to the Theory of the Aryan Invasion of India
      By G. T. Shahani
      To me it is a matter of surprise that when motivated and hostile commentators in the garb of historians, propound a false and propagandist theory like the Aryan Invasion Theory of India, most of our  political, religious and spiritual leaders as also our writers & intellectuals simply beat their breasts and try simply to say that there was no such  invasion. Instead, why not write about those times with research and honesty,  and show clearly the idiocy and ridiculousness of the Aryan Invasion Theory and the motive behind the invention of this hoax.
      The Britishers were smart. They not only planted their tale of Aryan Invasion Theory  in the garb of history in order to show that Indians are incapable of governing themselves, and  it is always the foreigners who came to India's rescue. According to the British inspired story,  it was the foreign Aryan- who came from far away lands and conquered India - and thereafter  displaced the dark and terrible misery of India;  and so it is that the British, other foreigners & even  Muslims,  came thereafter to conquer and  civilize Indians and bring enlightenment to them. Never, therefore must Indians ever dream of independence or self-rule, unless the intention is to invite darkness and  disaster in  India.  The British saw to it that Indian teachers, professors, writers, historians, commentators   and others were well paid to subscribe to and substantiate that theory, and they were rewarded  with scholarships, promotions, Government-aid, official praise and publication of their works. So, hundreds of voices rose to claim the 'truth' of the Aryan Invasion Theory of India. Did they offer any proofIt was not necessary.  With so many hundreds of articles and books supporting the Aryan Invasion Theory of India , who could ask for more Proof?  - how could so many learned books and serious articles by countless British and Indian historians be wrong! True, Swami Vivekanand, Lokmanya Tilak, Veer Savarkar, Gurudev Rabindra Nath Tagore, Dr.Choithram Gidwani,  and others, questioned the Aryan Invasion theory but their comments were ignored and even ridiculed in the face of hundreds of historians and writers who advanced that British-held Theory.
      In any case how do you disprove a theory without writing about those times?
      Fortunately, very fortunately, one writer has come forward to write about those pre-Vedic times in which this False theory was supposed to have come to life. The writer is Bhagwan S. Gidwani and his two book are ‘RETURN of the ARYANS’ and "March of the Aryans" published by Penguin Books in India. These books give a body-blow to the Aryan Invasion Theory of India. But these two books have  a much larger theme and canvas. They tell the fascinating story of the Birth and Beginnings of the roots of Hinduism prior to 8,000 BC,  with a thrilling account of how, in 5,000 BC, the Aryans originated from India, and from nowhere else - and why they moved out of their home-land; their trials and triumphs overseas - in various countries, such as Iran, Sumeria, Egypt, Russian lands & Scythia, Lithuania, Turkey, Finland, Sweden, Italy, China, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Greece and Germany - and finally their return to their home-town & heritage of India. To tell the Aryan story, the book unfolds the drama of Indian civilization back to its roots prior to 8,000 BC; and presents glimpses of art, culture, music, abstract thought, philosophical leanings, and spiritual values of pre-history India.
      Effectively, Gidwani demolishes the theory of Aryan invasion of India. He traces the Hindu ancestry of Aryans from 8,000 BC, and shows that Aryans were born, grew up, and died as citizens of Bharat Varsha, anchored in the timeless foundation of Sanatan Dharma. With equal clarity, it also demolishes the theory of North/South Divide, and shows how the people of Ganga, Madhya, Sindhu, Bangla and other regions were together with the Dravidian regions, in a spirit of equality and mutual respect, as a part of Bharat Varsha (India). Clearly, Gidwani's ‘RETURN of the ARYANS’ and 'MARCH of the ARYANS' explain how the racial differences, like the skin colour, between North Indians and South Indians arose, and how Sanskrit has some words with foreign origin. The book also shows how Bharat Varsha of 5,000 BC was far more extensive than the present-day territory of India, Pakistan & Bangladesh, as it included, additionally,
      • Avagana (Afghanistan) after Sadhu Gandhara established his ashram at Kandhar( then called Gandhar in Sadhu's honor)  and thereafter at several places in Afghanistan,  including Kabul, Hari Rath (now known as Herat) and Sindhan.
      • Parts of Iran, beyond Lake Namaskar (now known as Namaksar), where many Hindu hermits resided;
      • in North, Bharat Varsha territory went across soaring peaks of Himalayas to  reach the entirety of Tibet to reach Lake Mansarovar, Mount Kailash, upto the source of mighty Sindhu and Brahmaputra rivers, and beyond;
      • Also, Bharat Varsha included Land of Brahma (Burma) and beyond; Kashmir; Lands of Sadhu Newar (Nepal); Bhoota (Bhutan); and Land of Vraon (Sri Lanka).
      "March of the Aryans",along with its earlier book. "Return of the Aryans" has also many other gripping tales about the people of India- their battles and romance, adventures and exploits, valor and sacrifice, art and culture, well before the dawn of recorded history. With archaelogical support and historical data,  Gidwani shows clearly :
        • that Bharat Varsha is the most ancient civilization in the world - more ancient than China, Japan, Mesopotamia, Iran and Egypt.
        • that Bharat Varsha, was there before Rome was built, and before Jerusalem, Baghdad, Carthage, Greece, Damascus and Istanbul were founded.
        • When Europeans lived in caves, our people had two-story houses of brick and stone, with drainage system, public parks, public baths, art-works, fountains and granaries.
      Along the banks of our rivers, our ancestors founded the ancient order of Sanatanah, well before 8,000 BC, and from this root of Sanatanah sprang Sanatana Dharma, the ageless religion of the Hindus
      Gidwani's  books deal with  Hinduism affectionately - and obviously with deeply-felt respect and pride. Yet there is not a word or hint in them of any bias against any other religion or faith. Yet there are those who seem to believe  that if a book speaks highly of one particular faith, it must be assumed to cast a slur on other faiths.
      I must add that All literature on India begins with the Vedic Age. Gidwani's "March of the Aryans" along  with his earlier book, Return of the Aryans"  are  the only books which trace India's drama far back to pre-Vedic roots. Its appeal is, therefore, powerful and enduring to those in search of India's pre-ancient cultural, philosophic, spiritual and material heritage.
      In his articles, Bhagwan Gidwanihas also stated that the conclusion drawn by David Frawley is absolutely correct that "In short, the compelling reasons for the Aryan invasion theory were neither literary nor archeological but political and religious, that is to say, not scholarship but prejudice.”
      Gidwani's articles also refer to the very iluminating writings of Francois Gautier and in particular, he highly  praises the brilliant work  of Koenraad Elst who conclusively shows that there is  no evidence at all for the so-called Aryan Invasion of India”.
      G.T. Shahani

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      Subject: Re: Re [rsshyd] Aryan Invasion Theory's collapse- Appeal to Koenraad.elst & GAUTIER

      The AIT is by no means dead. In fact, the OIT has hardly made a dent. The use of scientific disciplines coming up, like genetic evidence, is mostly not precise enough to yield results that are definitely incompatible with the AIT. The OIT is a Western term -- Westerners, whose theory accounts for the kinship between Indian and Western branches of IE, assume that the Indian counter-theory does likewise. It does not: Indians have ably shown that in India, there is no evidence for the AIT, but they have said little about outside India, and (with the exception of Shrikant Talageri) have no theory about how the non-Indian branches came where they are. In fact, save for English, most Indians concerned know no language outside Indo-Aryan whereas most Western scholars working on IE linguistics know at least three or four branches even before they embark on a career as IE-ist. Indians just have no feel for the issues involved, unless they choose to work on it. And this, they don't. As SR Goel said: "Indians think they know everything about everything." And Rajiv Malhotra says: "Indians are underinformed but overopinionated." When I read the work by Nicholas Kazanas, who is Greek and very thorough, I have to conclude that no Indian (save for Talageri) has done a work of that quality. Indians remain mired in anti-colonial rhetoric which misses the point completely. No matter what the colonials thought of and did with Indo-European, it makes no difference at all to what really happened thousands of years ago.
      So, the situation is that most IE-ists at Western universities don't take the OIT serious. There is a lot of work to be done.
      Kind regards,
      hankaraBharadwaj Khandavalli" <shankarabharadwaj@...>
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      Onderwerp: Re: Re [rsshyd] Aryan Invasion Theory's collapse- Appeal  to Koenraad.elst & GAUTIER

      There are two things - a theory being inconsistent or flawed, and a viable counter theory being proposed. Unless the latter comes up, the former is not going to go - however false or untenable it is. The OIT and other propositions for the most parts work in patches rather than a single long consistent narrative that can adequately find place in popular reading. Correct me if it is not so.


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      Subject: Re [rsshyd] Aryan Invasion Theory's collapse- Appeal to Koenraad.elst & GAUTIER

      Thanks to great  and respected scholars like Dr. Koenraad.elst  and  Dr.Francious Gautier , the Aryan Invasion Theory is now fully regarded as false and frivolous. The theory was 'manufactured' by the British purely for propaganda. Conclusively, it is demonstrated  that there is not the slightest basis for believing the theory.  Based on research,  some authors  have even concluded that Aryans originated in India in 5,000 BCE and went out to various countries in Asia and Europe (see  "March of the Aryans"  by Gidwani).

      The question of Aryan Invasion theory keeps cropping up ever so often. 
      I appeal to eminent scholars like   Dr. Koenraad.elst  and  Dr.Francious Gautier and others , to set the record straight and even refer and repeat earlier writings - their own and of others even  in regard to Aryans' travel to foreign lands, -  so this false theory  of Aryan Invasion of India never rears its ugly face again.

      With Respect

      Arjun Sippy 

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      Subject: Re: [rsshyd] The Collapse Of The Aryan Invasion Theory - Nicolas Kazanas

      "dumped for good"? By whom and from where?

      I think the real issue is not at all about whether the AIT is credible. The real issue is, what is a credible theory that can hold the fort for Indian history? And that, is not there from Hindu side. There is no coherent chronology and end to end narration of history done in an anti-AIT or a non-AIT model. The constructive part from our side is wanting, and that cannot be worked with by any number of anti-AIT books or articles.


      From: Sumanth <sumanth.sharma@...>
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      Subject: [rsshyd] The Collapse Of The Aryan Invasion Theory - Nicolas Kazanas


        Did not read myself yet, AIT has been dumped for good, anyways one more nail.

        There is widespread misconception in India that all Western scholars support the Aryan invasion theory. Actually, it is minority view while the few still interested in ancient India have given up the AIT. Here is what a distinguished Greek scholar has to say.
          by Nicolas Kazanas

      || नमस्तॆ सदा वत्सलॆ मातृभूमे ||

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